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Membership brings such benefits as advance notice of all concerts and events, an open invitation to parties following the First Saturday Concerts, a sense of belonging to the folk community and of supporting an organization that’s helping to keep the music alive, and very importantly, member discounts for all events presented by FMSH. This translates to a 20% to 33% discount on general admission pricing.

Memberships (as of 1/1/2019) are:

  • Single — for 1 yr is $25.00 — 2 yrs is $40.00
  • Family — for 1 yr is $40.00 — 2 yrs is $70.00

Purchase or Renew Your FMSH Membership Online Now

Single – 1 yr

Single – 2 yrs

Family – 1 yr

Family – 2 yrs

Membership payment is down for updates, and will be back soon. Thanks.