January 6, 2007



... a little bit country ... a little bit ivy league

LIZ CARLISLE iz describes country music as her native blues form, a music that cuts to the core of human experience and allows people to connect on a deeper level. "Everyone understands what it feels like to be in love, to miss your hometown, or to suffer a heartbreak," Carlisle says. A public school graduate from Missoula, Montana, Liz graduated Summa cum Laude from Harvard this past June with a senior thesis in ethnomusicology, a study of the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.

er writing and stage presence has a powerful ability to erase the boundaries between country, pop, acoustic music, red state, blue state. She sings original songs that cull the heart of country music, the soul-searching of folk, and the lift of pop.

iz opened tonight's show with her first tribute to her Big Sky home state of Montana. It was just the beginning of a thrilling and varied set of songs performed with power and finesse.

It was a terrific first half.

Liz photos by Neale Eckstein    

Praises for her performances:

  • "equal parts big sky country and smart urban folk - a little bit Faith Hill and a little bit Dar Williams ... that rare songwriter who lets you tap your feet and brood at the same time."
      Scott Alarik - Boston Globe

  • "Carlisle’s admirable vocal range lets her really explore each song ... Country might not be the word for Carlisle’s sound; perhaps a more fitting term might be cross-country, as Carlisle brings her sound across the continent and back again."
      C.D. Di Guardia - Northeast Performer

  • "Five Star ... agile folk/pop/rock. Liz sings in a clear, sharp alto and her songs are catchy portraits of modern life."
      Richard Cuccaro - AcousticLive in NYC


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Accompanying Liz tonight on keyboards,
guitar and vocals was Russell Wolff


BEAUCOUP BLUE ather-son team David and Adrian Mowry comprise the Philadelphia-based roots revivalist band Beaucoup Blue that features a mix of blues/roots originals by both Mowrys as well as choice covers. Young Adrian plays six- and 12-string guitar, long-experienced blues master David handles six-string, slide and dobro guitar, and both men share vocal and song-writing duties.

eaucoup Blue has a heavy blues influence, but also draws on country, folk, jazz and rock for their creative acoustic blues based folk music. Their voices work superbly together with something to say from the bottom of their hearts.

his duo has been challenging audiences with their blend of new and experienced talents, and their performance here on the back end of this exciting evening did not disappoint ... their rousing blues and subtle ballads covered a wide range of roots music which brought our audience to cheer ... 

... this was an exciting opportunity to see these multigenerational emerging artists and what this balance has to offer.

Praises for their performances:

  • "Their singing is tough and controlled and their guitar work is crisp and mournful."
      Tune-UP Magazine

  • "Covers and reworkings mix nicely with own compositions ... outstanding ... genuine craftsmanship."
      Bobtje Blues

  • "David's tenor is big and warm and Adrian's falsetto is sweet and soulful.."
      Richard Cuccaro - AcousticLine in NYC
BEAUCOUP BLUE Link to complete article in AcousticLive

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Opening for our show tonight were our featured open mike performers:

  • Ira Perlman   Ira Perlman

  • Ed Wernersbach   Ed Wernersbach

  • Ken "The Rocket" Korb   Ken

  • Ryan Mack   Ryan Mack

  • Richard Barnhart   Richard

    Richard treated us to his tribute to his home state of Montana

  • Estelle Henrich   Estelle Henrich

  • David Bailey   David Bailey

  • Mike Kornfeld   Mike Kornfeld

  • Susan Cohen   Susan Cohen

  • Robin Inwald   Robin Inwald

  • Lora Kendall   Lora Kendall

  • Our host this evening was Ira Perlman. Ira Perlman

    If you weren't here tonight, you missed yet another of the very best programs of the year ...

    ... and if you didn't join us at the after concert party, you missed some very great jamming

    FMSH Concert Party - jamming with Beaucoup Blue, Gary Schoenberger and Estelle Henrich