Saturday, May 3, 1997

FRED SMALL is a journeyman singer who is a touch of Harry Chapin, a dash of Tom Paxton and a warm memory of Woody Guthrie. He uses his clear, expressive tenor voice to tell and sing stories that can include most any subject that is in today's headlines from global warming to radio active frogs! Fred has the unique ability to take real life experiences and pen them into songs that you will be humming for days to come. This is a performer that will get everyone in the room involved with singalongs that make the audience a part of the show. Over half of his songs have been written with audience participation in mind.

Although trained as an Environmental lawyer, he traded in his legal briefs and writs for a full time career in folk music. He has never regretted that decision. Since he was raised during the civil rights era, Fred grew up listening to the politically charged music of the 1960's. This exposure shaped and molded his expressive brand of social/political song writing. His stories, accented by an acoustic guitar style that crackles and vibrates, address the most sensitive issues of our times by combining wit with philosophy and blending this mixture into a rhythmic folk/rock performance.

Besides performing extensively throughout the United States, Fred is also an acclaimed international artist who has appeared on concert stages in Japan, Australia, England and Canada. He has also performed at the Philadelphia, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Kerrville Folk Festivals and at the Woody Guthrie Tribute that was held in Tulsa, Oklahoma.