Salamander Crossing

Apr 5, 1997

They look like a bluegrass band (fiddle, guitar, banjo & bass) and they packed and delighted an SRO house with a repertoire that includes Shawn Colvin, Bruce Cockburn and originals in flavors ranging from swing to Appalachian! "Roots music with an edge".

This talented quartet from Northampton, Mass, named for a pair of tunnels in Amherst that facilitate salamander love, produced an inspiring blend of old-time swing, Appalachian, a capella, country, and bluegrass. 'Newgrass' is the one way to descibe their unique approach to traditional music, combining bass, fiddle, viola, banjo, guitar, harmonica, and sweetly blended harmonies into a sound I won't forget, - I descibe it as 'Exhilarating'. I couldn't leave without buying both their latest CD release entitled 'Passion Train', and their first CD plainly entitled 'Salamander Crossing'. Both have helped me during my commute to recall their stirring harmonies and the best musical evening in years.