Nov. 6, 2004

Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen

Folk legends ... Live ... Very Live ... on our Stage

STEVE GILLETTE & CINDY MANGSEN full house tonight, as Steve Gillette and Cindy Mangsen commanded our stage and reminded us how two talented performers can fill our hall and warm our hearts. When they sing you hear every word and can reflect on the meanings of the lyrics ... and Cindy's clear bell-like voice loosens more endorphins than you've felt since you first fell in love. Their performance of a couple of humorous Berryman tunes astounds you with their vocal fluidity, but tonight's show will stay with us for the sheer grace in the totality of their performance. .

teve Gillette is best known as a songwriter, with songs recorded by artists from Ian & Sylvia to Garth Brooks, from Jiminy Cricket to John Denver. His song Darcy Farrow alone has been recorded by more than one hundred artists since 1966, most recently by Jimmy Dale Gilmore and Nanci Griffith. Steve's film credits include writing songs for the Walt Disney characters Jiminy Cricket, Dumbo, and Winnie-the-Pooh. Quite literally, he wrote the book on songwriting: Songwriting and the Creative Process is a standard text in songwriting classes across the country. Steve sings in a rich baritone and is a virtuoso on guitar, using a unique fingerpicking style with a flat-pick and two fingers. His most recent solo recording is Texas and Tennessee, named one of the Top Ten Folk Albums of 1998 by Tower Recordsí Pulse Magazine.

indy Mangsen, who married Gillette in 1989, is also a songwriter, but her focus has been on songkeeping. Cindy is a master interpreter of traditional ballads, rich in myth and legend. She plays guitar, concertina, and banjo, and is renowned for her compelling voice, described by one critic as a voice that can warm a New England winter. Cindy previously graced our stage in December 2001 as part of a spectacular trio with Anne Hills and Priscilla Herdman, doing their Voices of Winter show. Cindyís most recent solo album, Songs of Experience, won the Editorís Choice award for Traditional Folk Music from Crossroads Magazine. As Steve comments, "Cindy has brought me back to my roots, and I think Iíve influenced her in terms of ensemble playing, rhythmic development, arrangement and performing. Weíre very fortunate to play for people who really listen and who come to a concert with a certain sense of history. Thereís a strong feeling of community about this music."

e last featured Steve and Cindy as a duo in 1997 in our Summer concert in Heckscher Park, which was a blockbuster event. Together they have been featured on National Public Radioís All Things Considered and Mountain Stage, and have delighted audiences across North America and Europe with their music, warmth, and humor. They have recorded three duet albums: Live in Concert (1991), The Light of the Day (named Best Folk Album of 1996 by WFMT and WDET), and A Sense of Place (2001), their newest album, a portrait of New England in songs and tunes.

his was an enchanting evening that left me with warm feelings, embedded deep in my memories.

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Opening for Steve & Cindy tonight were our featured open mike performers:

  • Claude Margouleff
  • Jerry Martin
  • Andy Romanoff
  • Maria Fairchild
  • James O'Malley
  • Ira Perlman
  • Alan Michaelson
  • Steve Robinson
  • John Bechhoff
  • Bob Westcott
  • Our host this evening was Ira Perlman. If you weren't here tonight, you missed yet another of the very best programs of the year ...