May 1, 2004

Aengus Finnan


Canadian Singer Songwriter
... a rich voice with the whisper of the cold north wind ...

AENGUS FINNAN is songs have been collected and written at truck-stops, graveyards, orchards, nursing homes, derelict barns, old railway lines, and a lover's door - songs of life that beckon us to "remember what was forgotten, restore what was lost, and redeem what might have been".

hen Aengus performed at our Hard Luck Café in 2002, he thrilled our audience with his sensitive heartfelt ballads, performed with his clear sonorous voice. We've brought this young man back to FMSH for our main First Saturday stage because we believe he is destined to achieve international fame and acclaim, — his talents are transcendent, with echos of James Taylor.

engus Finnan, Irish by birth and raised in a Canadian farmhouse since he was three with a love for legends and lore, has been touring and writing for seven years - in 2002 he won the new songwriting award at the Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas.

is latest CD, North Wind, is a raw, dramatic, tender, and wild glimpse of the day-to-day, historical, and gripping inspiration of a young artist, experienced by struggling to make a meaningful life, perpetually poor across Canada. With his plaintive voice and acoustic guitar, the dark-haired Finnan sings his way through songs that had the audience laughing one moment and shedding tears the next.

hrough 7 years, 4 cars, 3 guitars, 2 albums, and countless miles and snippets of songs Aengus has chased 1 dream. The path he stands on is well blazed by songwriters before him, but he has found a home and a voice.

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