November 1, 2003

Cliff Eberhardt


CLIFF EBERHARDT liff Eberhardt tonight filled our hall with a rapt audience, and filled our ears with an electic collection of thoughtful ballads, intense blues and humorous tales of his life. He was accompanied by Laurie MacAllister, whose sweet voice on background vocals complemented Cliff's in perfect harmony, rounding out his songs with an elegant fullness. He accompanied himself with guitar, dobro and keyboard with spectacular virtuosity.

liff on stage demonstrates that he is arguably one of the most engaging and entertaining performers in the folk music universe. He is a seasoned songwriter who has never sounded better or funnier.

berhardt is one of the most original songsmiths currently on tour, a highly intelligent and articulate artist whose penetrating and profound lyrics are sometimes overshadowed by his extraordinary guitar playing. Upon close listening, the Philadelphia-born singerís gift for the English language is abundantly clear. The words that tumble from his mouth are framed by a raspy yet deeply elegant voice that is at once resonant and, very very very sexy.

ou will hear a heart wrenching soulfulness to songs already bounding in emotion and passion. Eberhardt doesn't simply sing, but dramatically performs his impressive, hook-laden melodies, in his own inimitable style.

lthough many of his songs are about affairs of the heart, only a few qualify as love songs. The rest deal with love from some other perspective, such as a wise confidante, when he sings "Someone should have told you from the very start/love could lead you to this broken heart."

on't miss this rare opportunity to see this superb performer when he visits our stage.

thers have praised him with:

  • "Eberhardt sings with passion and with wit ... what makes his brand so rare is the self-assurance and poise he brings to his nearly flawless show."
      — The New York Post

  • "Eberhardt is a superb singer, with a vast credible range of emotions, and a soulfulness that draws from rock and pop, but also from the best folk ballad styles."
      — The Boston Globe

  • "His songs are full of powerful images, and Eberhardt's music is moving as well, whether shaped into gut wrenching love songs or joyous romps."
      — College Music Journal

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