October 4, 2003

Carol Noonan


CAROL NOONAN arol Noonan's most recent recording, Big Iron, is the second album she has released on her own label. Most of the songs could have been found in her first guitar book, at the age of 8, — others are favorite songs sung by cowboys, some from the westerns that she had so loved as a child. On our stage tonight, she sang a few of these wonderful classics, together with lots of her own compositions. She was accompanied by the outstanding guitarist, Kevin Berry.

er love affair with horses is still alive today, and living in the field next to her barn in rural Maine. She has sold thousands of copies of her last album, Self Titled, from her home; it was her most successful one to date, garnishing her wide critical acclaim and a newly acquired national audience via the internet.

hese recordings were not her first introduction to the music business, nor success as an independent. In the early nineties, her band Knots and Crosses sold over 20,000 records independently and grew to be a New England phenomenon. After a short relationship with Island Records, the band split up, and they were just another big label signing gone bad.

oonan was determined to move ahead with her voice and her songs. She recorded three albums for Rounder records - Absolution, Noonan Building and Wrecking, and The Only Witness. They were critically acclaimed, albeit commercially unsuccessful. She had spent over a decade in the music industry, and although she had been considered one of the best singers on the scene (she received a Boston Music Award in 1993 for Best Female Vocalist, as well as several other nominations), she had watched her career decline.

fter a break during the economy's downturn, she released Self Titled, and she found that the respect that she had been honored with years before was still intact, and so were her fans. With the help of a wonderful network of musicians and multi media, she was able to spread her music all over the country, and even overseas, to a brand new and larger audience.

er voice is pure and true, and has a timbre not unlike Joan Baez's. Her songs are timeless, and that is something Noonan herself has been labeled often. It was a treat to hear the extended sampling of her full repertoire.

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