May 3, 2003

Two great performers


DAVID MASSENGILL s distinctive a performer as he is a writer, David Massengill accompanies himself mainly on the Appalachian dulcimer, which he slings over his shoulder like an electric guitar. The sound of the dulcimer has an intimate, detailed quality that complements the easy graciousness of David's stage presence. He has achieved a virtuousity on the traditional instrument that enables him to wring from its few strings music of a complexity and richness far beyond anything it was ever meant to produce, drawing the listener in to his lyrical imagery and the close-up focus on human foibles and experience that is the substance of his best songs.

avid's performance tonight was over the top. He performed wonderful songs from his new CD My Home Must Be A Special Place, interspersed those with his delightful Edsel Martin yarns and stolen bicycle tales, and capped it all with his classic ballads, even doing a demand encore after his encore.

e loved him.

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on the same bill with


ANNIE GALLUP nnie Gallup's writing is unabashedly imaginative and richly sensual. She is a teller of short, elaborate tales — song-length works of fiction that sparkle with the complexity and polish of poetry; tightly packed lyrical strands that crackle with intelligence and spry wordplay, and pulse with insistent rhythm.

old Annie's work up to that of many contemporary literary lions: she's the real thing. So it's no small compliment to say that her musical instincts are a match for her pen. Annie is a gifted, inventive instrumentalist; her guitar work is a fresh, welcome interplay of short lead runs and complex picking patterns.

nnie's gifts were wholely realized in her live performance here tonight, and seem to be more evident live on stage than in her recordings. Our audience was ecstatic. Don't miss any opportunity to see her if she visits your area.

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Our open mike tonight featured performances by:

  • Ira Perlman
  • Roger Silverberg
  • Alan Michaelson
  • Jordan Noose
  • Sue Antelis
  • Three to Go [Dave Gavin, Lou Malfi & Steve Brauch]
  • Lora Kendall
  • Bob Mist
  • Barry Be
  • Jim Caputo
  • Ron Renninger
  • John B
  • If you weren't here tonight, you missed yet another of the very best programs of the year ...