House Concert — Sunday Afternoon — September 29, 2002


featuring Kenny Speirs, Judy Dinning & Joe Wright
On tour from England

"A band with a refreshing new sound — a definite Celtic feel which encompasses both the traditional songs and music of the Scottish border region and Northumbria and the contemporary material they perform."

Real TimeReal Time is a new band consisting of three of the most versatile and talented musicians to come out of Scotland and England, and they are creating quite a stir both on the UK and European folk scene.

Kenny Speirs, from the Scottish Borders, is a fine singer of Scottish traditional and contemporary songs and is well known by audiences throughout Europe as a first class accompanist on guitar and vocals. He has released two solo albums (featuring several of his own compositions) to wide critical acclaim.

Judy Dinning, ex-Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies and Lucky Bags fame, is one of the UK's top female vocalists and has toured extensively world-wide. Whether singing traditional or contemporary material her voice and expression are second to none. She has written many great songs and is an accomplished guitarist, keyboard and bodhran player.

Joe Wright is one of the best new young musicians to make his mark on the folk scene in recent years. He has thrilled audiences with his outstanding fiddle and mandolin playing in the original John Wright Band and his potential is unlimited.

Together as Real Time - they promise to be one of the most exciting bands to arrive on the music scene for many years!

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