2002 Memphis International Blues Winner

June 1, 2002

— Little Toby Walker —

Little Toby Walker


ittle Toby Walker is a guitarist, singer, songwriter and storyteller whose music draws from traditional and contemporary blues, folk, ragtime, and country. A remarkable, humorous and entertaining storyteller, Toby paints pictures of his travels in the minds of each member in the audience. He can tell you of his hitch-hiking across the country, riding freight trains and learning the blues at the feet of old time blues musicians.

oby just recently won the prestigious 2002 Memphis International Blues Challenge Award — best Solo act — a great honor for a local Long Islander who has honed his skills on the stages of the coffee houses and blues joints all around our area.

e fingerpicks his guitar as it were an extension of his soul — Toby’s ancient 1929 National Steel guitar rings with the power that only a soul man can give, and his electric forays are stirring reminders of the emotional impact that challenging music can produce on both the maker and his audience.

ool Hand" is Little Toby Walker's newest CD with fifteen great cuts, which he is officially releasing at our concert tonight. We can expect to hear many songs from it, including the very funny Give Me That On Line Religion (on G.O.D. dot com) that Toby premiered on our very stage late last year.

James alker has researched the music of the blues by making several field trips throughout the south and learning from such masters as Eugene Powell, James Son Thomas, Jack Owens, Etta Baker, Turner Foddrell and R.L Burnside. He has contributed articles which were published in the magazine Blues Revue, and he has opened shows for numerous artists including Taj Mahal, John Hammond, James Cotton, Johnny Winter, Paul Oscher, Lonnie Brooks, Johnny Copeland, Bobby Radcliff, John Sebastion, Chris Smithers, Cliff Eberhardt, Eric Bibb and J.J. Cale.

he magic and excitement of his musicianship is beautifully enhanced by his depth of knowlege and warm audience rapport. Seldom do you have the treat of hearing perfomers who have learned their material directly from the original source. The tales of his travels in the South add delightful seasoning to the hearty banquet of his program.

ome join us for some cool blues magic on June 1st.

Others have praised his performances:

  • " A real killer with fantastic technique. He just knocks me out."
      John Hammond, blues musician

  • "He is so engaging and delightful, not to mention he plays acoustic blues with amazing historic accuracy"
      Liz Smith, The Night Guide

  • "If you played that guitar any better you'd likely burn it up."
      Bob Vorel, Editor, Blues Revue

  • "Now you play them blues real good. I want you to carry them on for me."
      Eugene Powell, Mississippi blues musician

  • "Makes me rant and rave like a mad dog under a full moon. See for yourself what all the ruckus is about."
      Sonny Boy London, Blues Revue Magazine

Download and play a song from the new Cool Hand album:   Sleeping Alone   Sleeping Alone

Link to eight song cuts from Toby's first CD:   EIGHT GREAT CLIPS   or to his web site