Special Event
A Woody Guthrie Retrospective

An Evening of Music, Poetry and Prose Celebrating the Life of an American Folk Legend
A Musical Biography in Three Acts

The Woody & Marjorie Guthrie Research Fund
Huntington Disease Society of America

The Folk Music Society of Huntington was proud to be a co-sponsor and a host to this special event produced by Sonny Meadows and his pals.

A sold-out audience came to witness this very special benefit concert honoring the father of American folk music. The very special artists contributing to this wonderful concert were:

Amy Tuttle
Bob Catrano
Bob Westcott
Brian Sendrowitz
Candy Baranello
Dave Cook
The Defibrillators
Dick Morrison
Ian Wilder
James O'Malley
Jane Ross
Jim Dexter
Jon Foreman
Judith Zwieman
Kate Kelly
Little Toby Walker
Martha Trachtenberg
Michele Frimmer
Mike DiGeronimo
Paulette Boucher
Phil Jimenez
Princess Peapod
Rich Stein
Scott Kuchler
Scott MacDonald
Shari Diamond
Sonny Meadows
Sonny Speed
Stuart Markus
Tom Griffith
Vanessa Jimenez
Will Angelero
Sound engineering by Tim Atwell and Richard DeBruin

Although we have listed them alphabetically, the actual performances were ascendant — each one better than the last, and yet every one was incomparable, unique and superlative

— this perfect balanced program was closed by the audience joining in song with all of the performers in the rousing Woody Guthrie anthem This Land is Your Land! followed by So Long It's Been Good to Know Ya

To learn more about Woody Guthrie, his life, his times and his music - visit and support the Woody Guthrie Foundation and Archives at www.woodyguthrie.org