Saturday, December 1, 2001

Voices of Winter

Priscilla Herdman, Anne Hills and Cindy Mangsen

3 Ladies of Song ake the warmth of a winter fire, the company of good friends and heartwarming songs from the past and present and you have this special collection of holiday music created, arranged and performed by Priscilla Herdman, Anne Hills, and Cindy Mangsen — widely respected as three of the most enchanting voices in contemporary folk music. Our performance space may lack a warm winter fire, but the trio filled our hall and our heads with heartwarming music from their album Voices of Winter.

eparately, they have garnered the praises of radio hosts, critics and audiences across North America. Together, they interweave vocal harmonies which are at once soulful, hauntingly dramatic and rich with emotion. The songs from their joint album are ideal for this time of year, when we all come together to share memories and dreams. Voices of Winter is a collection of songs of the winter season, taken from contemporary and traditional sources ... a journey through the ages with songs spanning more than seven centuries ... a sampler of songs that circles the globe. These songs are new, old, funny and — above all — memorable; a few of these songs were be familiar, most a discovery.

riscilla, Anne and Cindy brought intricate arrangements to newly found musical treasures with an art-song vocal styling that crossed the boundaries of folk and classical music. Their empathy in performance is near telepathic, and the magic of a Herdman, Hills, Mangsen show engaged people of all ages and musical backgrounds.

he Herdman Hills Mangsen trio entranced our audience with an evening of fresh enriching music, perfect for a season that asks us to listen to our ancestors, to our traditions, to our hearts and to each other.

  • A "genuine folk super-group"
      The Boston Globe

  • "The only thing better than one beautiful voice is three. "
      Pioneer Press (Illinois)

  • "The whole thing is simply so beautiful, and the harmonies so inventive and tight, but the arrangements never get in the way of the songs ... Highly recommended."
      Bill Spence - Andy's Front Hall

  • "Mix the mellifluous voice of Anne Hills with the crystalline soprano of Priscilla Herdman and the calm alto of Cindy Mangsen, throw in some great songs, add a healthy dose of long-term friendship, and the result is a clinic in harmony ... The entire project is well conceived, neatly crafted and expertly performed. Who could ask for more?"
      The Hartford Advocate

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