RANI ARBO and Daisy Mayhem

Saturday, December 3, 2000

Rani Arbo  

Superb musicianship, deft fiddling and picking, and haunting, charismatic vocals are the backbone of Daisy Mayhem, a new group project from Rani Arbo, the former lead singer and fiddler of one of New England's most celebrated roots bands, Salamander Crossing. In 1999, after an almost decade-long tenure, Salamander Crossing played its final performance and broke up, after selling thousands of their three critically acclaimed albums. Look for Daisy Mayhem's debut album in Spring 2001.

Once dubbed "the Greta Garbo of Bluegrass" by Acoustic Guitar magazine, Rani Arbo's expressive voice smokes, cries, croons, whispers and turns on a dime to carry almost any song you hand her. That's a good thing, because her new trio sallies boldly through swing, old-time, folk, blues, bluegrass and country, melding styles to create a fusion that's cohesive, strong and compelling.

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Rani Arbo   Two minute song segments from the Salamander Crossing recordings