Priscilla Herdman

Saturday, May 1, 1999

Priscilla Herdman

Priscilla Herdman is a singer's singer and one of the most admired interpreters of contemporary folk music, and on this glorious evening she electrified us with her pure, sweet voice. We found her to be an eloquent performer, and were embraced by her warm and powerful performance.

Priscilla's voice is absolutely gorgeous with a three-octave range, fantastic clarity, and a silky smoothness. Her voice and repertoire reminded us of the music of Judy Collins and Joan Baez.

Priscilla is an upstate New York based interpreter of a wide variety of contemporary songwriters. She accompanies herself on the guitar and many of her albums benefit from the accompaniment of her friend, co-producer, and cellist Abby Newton. She has performed nationally for more than twenty years and has recorded ten albums. She has made two trio albums with Cindy Mangsen and Anne Hills, and they sing backup on each other's albums.

The eloquent, family-affirming albums Moondreamer, Daydreamer and Stardreamer were winners of Parents' Choice Gold Awards.

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