1998 Free Summer Festival Concert in Huntington's Hecksher Park

Saturday, July 18, 1998



DANIELLE MARTINEAU, singer/songwriter/accordionist extraordinaire brings together the folk style of her native Quebec with Louisiana's Cajun traditions and then adds rock elements where appropriate (or just for fun). The resulting songs can be witty and pointed, sad, dancelike or just plain exuberant. Although she did not follow her youthful studies to work in the classical genre, parts of her training have helped her in making the transition to folk. While accompanying accordionists she came to appreciate the virtues of that instrument to the point where she spent time in Louisiana adding to her capabilities by studying Cajun accordion style at its roots.

Her Cajun/Quebecois band ROCKABAYOU is usually composed of Michael Ball, guitar, Jason Lang, fiddle, Steve Tremblay on drums and Alain Picotte, bass. Together, she and they provided a unique and gratifying musical experience with their engaging and infectious mix of Cajun, Blues, Country, Doo Wop, Zydeco and Rock and Roll.


TANIA OPLAND and MIKE FREEMAN provide multinational, multi-instrumental music of a high order. Their repertoire includes songs in English, Russian, Inupiak, Gaelic, Uzbek, Macedonian and Ukrainian, and their instruments are Violin, Guitar, Hammered Dulcimer, at least half the world's percussion types and more.

Tania, originally from Alaska (and then the state of Washington), has a classical background in piano, cello and violin, to which she adds a knowledge of ancient and modern English and European folk music and a fine, clear voice. She has traveled widely in the U.S., England, Europe and Central Asia, appeared on radio and TV, and has a number of recordings to her credit.

Mike is a percussionist of great diversity who hails from England. He has played Guitar and Drums (in that word's broadest sense) with numerous bands, accompanied Middle Eastern and African dance troupes and is, in addition, an accomplished dance caller.

Their lively performance tickled our ears and our minds!