Hard Luck Cafe — Holiday Revue Concert

Saturday, Dec 20, 1997

BOB WESTCOTT is the driving talent who created and produced 1986's spectacular Holiday Revue at the Inter-Media Art Center in the heart of downtown Huntington, a standing room only event. This season, we joined Bob and his "friends" as they rekindled this fiery feeling in the intimate setting of the Hard Luck Café. The show contained a variety of musical styles and interpretations including folk, country western, blues, soft rock, pop, jazz, traditional music, and original compositions. The performers were:

Judith Zweiman, James Yarsky, Gerry McKeveny, Josh Joffen, Martha Trachtenberg & Tom Griffith, and Bob Westcott.

During the holiday season of 1991 at the Coffee Café located in the quaint setting of Stony Brook, BOB WESTCOTT started this now annual event moving the venue as space requirements grew to the demand of capacity crowds. His successful formula for the foundation of the show was created by drawing on his Greenwich Village days of playing coffeehouses during the 1960's. As the music scene changed in the Village, he became enthralled with the mystique of British music and moved to Manchester, England where he once again found the warmth and charm of folk music in the local pubs. Bob returned to the States spending the latter part of the 70's in California and finally returned to Long Island playing the wine & cheese cafes that were folk-music-friendly to complete his musical education in entertaining audiences. When he joined the Folk Music Society in 1992, he said he finally found a home in Huntington where he could spotlight his creative musical expressions. We're delighted that he once again brightened the season with the Holiday Show.