Saturday, Nov 1, 1997

JAMES REAMS along with his BARNSTORMERS, brang the intimacy and downhomeness of back porch pickin' and church gatherings to this concert as they performed their own special blend of Bluegrass, folksongs, and stories of Kentucky mountain life. James (originally a native of Pine Hollow, Kentucky) has been performing the roots of American folk music for more than twenty years. The power of his vocals wrap around and penetrate Appalachian stories that are generations old. The stories are about the dreamers and losers who worked the Kentucky coal mines and bring to life the eerie call of the whippoorwill and the sweet song of the meadowlark. When JAMES REAMS let loose with his rip roaring "Freight Train Blues", he started to howl like an old rusty steam whistle blasting out over the countryside. The soul of their music is sometimes lonesome and hardpressed but the heart of this band is full of Southern charm.

JAMES REAMS treated the audience to his distinctive style of flat picking guitar with THE BARNSTORMERS performing on fiddle, mandolin, bass and harmony vocals. Their performance came across like a unique postcard from a relative long since forgotten with their rare warmth and simplicity about the treatment of great American folk songs. Some of their concerts raise funds for "City Harvest" and "The Christian Appalachian Project" which help the hungry and homeless in New York City and Kentucky. James is a permanent member of "The Bluegrass Oldtime Museum" in Owensboro, Kentucky which actively keeps traditional American folk music alive for future generations to enjoy.