Free Summer Festival Concert in Huntington's Hecksher Park

July 20, 1996



Featuring: Kim & Reggie Harris

Kim & Reggie sang of dreams, struggles and freedom with stunning vocal power; over 20 years of performing together have honed their songwriting and singing skills to perfection. It was an unforgettably moving performance to close a delightful evening in the park.

Opening act: The Immigrants

A Montreal based group of many dimensions, they accompanied themselves on guitar, banjo, bass, bouzouki and percussion. The band members hail from Montreal, Arizona, Czechoslovakia and England, and they wove their vocal and instrumental songs from many other sources as well. They specialize in Irish pub songs and gypsy melodies, and as you listened you heard the influences of bluegrass, Irish, Slavic and other musical forms, blended into an unforgettable sound.