November 5, 2011



– Roots and Americana –


The Folk Music Society of Huntington was pleased to welcome Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion for their debut performance as part of our First Saturday Concerts series. Their show was terrific. Their voices blend in such pleasant harmonies, and their solos were dynamic. Our piano was in good tune tonight, and both Sarah Lee and Johnny took advantage and commanded the keyboard. We couldn't have asked for a more dynamic evening.

The roots and Americana duo featuring Arlo’s daughter (Woody’s granddaughter) and her husband has appeared at major music festivals – including the Newport and Philadelphia Folk Festivals, Lake Eden Arts Festival (LEAF), MerleFest and this summer’s Clearwater Festival.

SARAH LEE GUTHRIE & JOHNNY IRIONThey also have brought their musical fusion of pop, rock, blues, folk and country to listening rooms and performing arts centers across the country and frequently open for and accompany Arlo in concert – as they will in late November during his Annual Thanksgiving Concert at New York’s Carnegie Hall.

Sarah Lee was two years old when she made her singing debut as part of a children's chorus on Arlo's 1981 album, Power of Love. She worked as her father's road manager on the 1997 Further Festival tour, and, when she saw other members of the tour group enjoying themselves at late-night hootenannies, she picked up an acoustic guitar and started playing as a way of joining in. Like Sarah Lee, Johnny Irion was born into a family of artists. His uncle is author Thomas Steinbeck (John Steinbeck's son), and his grandmother, Rubilee Knight, is a classical violinist. Johnny was a central figure in the vibrant Carolina indie-rock scene of the early '90s, first as a member of Queen Sarah Saturday and later with Dillon Fence. Irion and Guthrie were introduced by a mutual friend (Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes) while the two were working together in Los Angeles. In 1999 Guthrie and Irion joined guitarist Tao Rodríguez-Seeger, grandson of Pete Seeger, and performed as a trio under the name RIG. Since setting out on the road together in 2001, Guthrie and Irion have averaged 180 shows a year.

SARAH LEE GUTHRIE & JOHNNY IRION :: BRIGHT EXAMPLESThe duo’s latest CD, Bright Examples, was released earlier this year, and they appear to have a bright future ahead of them — after all, nobody doesn't like Sarah Lee !

SARAH & JOHNNY in the Control Room. Photo by Neal Casal Visit their website: sarahleeandjohnny.com

Listen to tracks from
    Bright Examples:   MUSIC

Sarah & Johnny at  
SXSW @ Hotel San Jose  

– Slide Show of Concert Pictures –


Robert Berkowitz/RSB.ImageWorks photographed the Open Mike performers, the announcers and our featured performers Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion at the concert.

He has collected them on a Flickr page, and a slide show of the photographs can be viewed by clicking on the photo above. (On some computers, you may have to then click on a dark blue "please click here" ). Clicking on the flickr in the upper left corner will bring you to a page with thumbnails of all images and other RSB sets. There are other viewing controls on the flickr pages for image size, etc.

These images are copyrighted and may not be utilized without prior written consent from Robert Berkowitz. If you are interested in obtaining low-resolution and/or high resolution images, please contact Bob at RSBImageWorks@aol.com — FMSH thanks Bob for allowing us to share his magnificent photos.

  Opening tonight were our featured open mike performers:

Carl Leeds
Gary Schoenberger
John Taylor
Gary Moran
Bobby S
Mark Virgilio
Jesse Oelbaum
Tim Peterson
Ira Perlman
Drivin' Wheel

If you weren't here tonight, you missed yet another of the very best programs of this century ...