June 4, 2011

An Evening with Two Johns


An Evening with Two Johns

American Social Justice a.la Woody Guthrie Meets Canadian Blue Collar Roots

A.merican and Canadian roots music are different streams that spring from a shared heritage. Both stem from the emigration of workers from the Old World to the New World to create a better life on a vast, new continent. Some settled in what would become Canada, others in America. Usually allies but never the same, the countries developed side by side, each with its own character molded by geography, cultures, and circumstance.

An Evening with Two Johns showcases award-winning songwriter/performers, John Flynn from Wilmington, Delaware and John Wort Hannam from Fort McLeod, Alberta, Canada. Both are accomplished contemporary storytellers who treat their listeners to a rich look into their respective countries, cultures, and times. Even upon first listen, their music presents a familiarity that draws listeners in and makes them feel at home. Together, these talented wordsmiths will craft a fascinating evening with their unique, yet complimentary, ways of looking at things. In the hands of these two exceptional artists, the listening experience is often enlightening and always entertaining as they show their audiences both the subtle and the blatant differences between these vast nations north and south of the border.



John Flynn is a modern-day troubadour in the tradition of Woody Guthrie. He has been honored for his social service as well as his craft, including a 2009 Peacemaker Among Us award from Pacem in Terris, Delaware, and an American Library Association Notable Recording Award. He’s toured with Arlo Guthrie and has Kris Kristofferson as both a friend and champion. He has released 8 CDs, most recently, America’s Waiting. Rumor has it a new project is in the works.

Flynn’s life journey has led him to a performance that blends humor, social justice, family fare, and poignant looks into the hearts of us all. With guitar, harmonicas, and passionate perceptive words, John brings the stories of our times to life. He makes you laugh, makes you feel, makes you care. Expect a blend of warmth and humor, sharp-eyed commentary, brilliant performance, and a wide-open heart.

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John Wort Hannam’s blue collar Canadian roots music touches the heart of Everyman. Ten years ago he taught himself to play guitar and then quit his job teaching English at a reservation school to write and perform music—a good choice, as it turns out. Hannam has won a wall full of awards, most notably the 2010 Canadian Folk Music Awards Contemporary Album of the Year for his fourth CD, Queen’s Hotel. He was also a 2007 Kerrville New Folk winner.

Hannam’s wry wit and a poetic turn of phrase brings the stories of small towns in Alberta to life: immigrants (he himself emigrated from the Isle of Jersey as a child) and workers tied to the soil, the vast and beautiful lands, a hint of the sea and timeless tales of the common working folk. His engaging tunes, straight-forward attitude, and quirky humor combine for a captivating performance.

An Evening with Two Johns will be a get-together with friends you’ll think you’ve known forever and will leave you with a new appreciation for life on the other side of the border, as well as fresh insights into our American milieu.

  Opening tonight were our featured open mike performers:

John Taylor
Bob Mist
Mark Virgilio
Ken, Susan & Dave
Lois Morton
Ira Perlman

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