February 5, 2011


A Showcase of the best of Brooklyn’s singer songwriters

Carolann Solebello

A founding member of Red Molly with six years with the band, Carolann is now solo and superb— with her powerful voice and her percussive guitar style— a New York-inflected brand of original and traditional music.

Carolann continues to earn accolades from reviewers and presenters on her own, touring the Northeast and recording a new CD due to be released this Spring.

Visit Carolann's website: CarolannSolebello.com

Rebecca Pronsky

One of New York's finest young songwriters, Rebecca's songs are "brutal, cutting lyricism", and "a little twang and a lot of empathy" – in sandy tones between traditional and indie.

Rebecca Pronsky is a singer first. Her singing talent was obvious very early on and she was encouraged to begin vocal training as a child. It wasn’t until she was 16, after many years of encountering songs as a performer, that she tried her hand at actually writing one. Rebecca’s experience as a singer, working in so many genres and styles, translated well to songwriting. With her guitar in hand, Rebecca began to craft a musical landscape for her voice to come home to.

Visit Rebecca's website: RebeccaPronsky.com

Nels Andrews

Nels Andrews is a devotee of the journey, of looking out windows and into the spaces between places, or between people, of exploring what is in between your last birthday’s wish and the paint flaking off of your front door.

At the Kerrville Folk Festival, he came out of nowhere with a homemade tape to win the New Folk songwriting contest. His songs are music as landscape, timeless tales that instantly take root in your mind as though they've been there forever, buzzing and hovering like June bugs.

Visit Nels' website: NelsAndrews.com

A.J. Roach

A.J. steeps his music in rich mountain traditions, and then weaves modern imagery and instrumentation. He has an endearing anthology of life stories, colored with hearty, twangy vocals, plenty of strings and unmistakable bluegrass spontaneity.

Singer-songwriters wear their hearts on their sleeves and AJ is no different, his music is pared down to the essentials, appealing to us because it has direct access to the soul.

Visit AJ's website: RoachMusic.com

  Opening tonight were our featured open mike performers:

Our open mike featured performances by:

  • Timothy Peterson
  • Kenneth Pascual
  • Jonathan Bodian
  • Dave Anthony
  • Lois Morton
  • Gary Schoenberger
  • Janet Ross
  • Robert Bruey
  • Andy Romanoff
  • Rob French
  • Prospect St.
  • ...and Michael Kornfeld

  • If you weren't here tonight, you missed yet another of the very best programs of this century ...