OCTOBER 2, 2010

on the same program with
& the LipBone Orchestra

After the break,– after opening sets by Pat Wictor and by Lipbone Redding and the LipBone Orchestra, — Pat and Lipbone paired on stage, an unbelievable pairing, and for the rest of the evening they produced exciting music.

Pat exuberantly followed Lipbone's supercharged anthems, — Lipbone blended his mouth trombone and other facial instruments to enhance Pat's haunting melodies.

The audience responded with thunderous applause.


Pat Wictor
Living Ever-Lovin' Live


In a remarkably short period of time, Pat Wictor has become the name that is being chatted about on the acoustic, blues, folk and Americana circuits. Steeped in American "roots" music, Pat is a contemporary songwriter and interpreter drawing on the rural country, gospel, and blues traditions of our nation.

An American by birth, Pat was raised outside of the United States until his teenage years, living in Venezuela, Holland, Norway, and England. This time abroad gave him an unusually deep awareness of being a resident of a country while also a world citizen. Through these early experiences, he gained an appreciation for taking diffferent paths to arrive at the same destination.

Indeed, Pat took a convoluted path to folk music, winding his way through rock, heavy metal, and jazz. He started with guitar, shifted to bass, moved to saxophone, and then quit music entirely before a return in 1993, a time when he also began composing songs. By 2001, he left a teaching career to pursue music full time and does so in the broadest way possible. An adept improviser and accompanist, he is sought after as a collaborator, sideman and session musician, with numerous recording credits to date. His monthly e-mail column, "A Few Choice Words," is read by thousands of subscribers. He is a music educator of note, teaching workshops on writing, interpreting, and rearranging songs, on slide guitar and other guitar techniques, and various topics of music history.

PAT WICTORHis performances--part fireside chat, part meditation on matters earthly and transcendent--feature his originals. In addition to his own tunes, he is quick to offer up a newly-discovered lyric from another performer, or a fresh arrangement of a traditional song, delighting in introducing his audience to innovative material. With flowing red hair and zen-like calm, Pat embraces his audience with the sincerity of his music and the clarity of his voice, inviting them in.

Pat views his life and his music as a journey, populated with an ever-shifting landscape of people, places and emotions. It is a journey he is eager to share with others, knowing that it is the experiences along the way, not the arrival, that initiate the most profound changes.

We were excited to have Pat on our big stage for his return visit. He was last seen with us at a Hard Luck Café concert over four years ago — and it's been too long.

This was a terrific opportunity to hear this accomplished musician and witness his musical versatiliy !!!

Praises by others for his performances:


  • "Pat Wictor's songs, his blues tinged slide guitar and mellow performance style impress the hell out of me. Watch out for this guy. He's a terrific new talent."
        — Gene Shay, WXPN, Philadelphia

  • "Soft-spoken and articulate, in the 1930's he could have been a dust bowl preacher. The sermons, accompanied by the choir of his slide guitar, would have brought comfort to many a soul."
        — Richard Cuccaro, Acoustic Live

  • "Although I am inherently suspicious regarding any so-called "buzz" that surrounds a new artist, the word of mouth about Pat Wictor is more than justified when you listen to the man. He's a master at the lap-style slide guitar, has a haunting voice, and showcases an eclectic selection of songs on his CDs."
        — Charlie Backfish, Sunday Street Program, WUSB, Stony Brook, NY

  • "He not only is a great guy and a great talent, but I believe he has, follicle for follicle, the best hair in folk music."
        — Rob Carlson, Modern Man

  Link to Pat playing Dave Carter's When I Go on YouTube

Visit his web site:   Living Ever-Lovin' Live CD

on the same program with

Lipbone Redding

& the LipBone Orchestra


That’s not a trombone you’re hearing...

It’s a human voice. Former subway musician Lipbone Redding revs up the party and makes lots of sounds with only his lips. He not only imitates a trombone, he is an accomplished soloist, songwriter, guitarist and entertainer. He's the Jazz, Blues, Jam and Soul version of a human beat-box ... make that a “Human Sweet Box.” Inventive voice-strumentalist and Southern Gentleman, Lipbone Redding, creates original songs that effervesce with New Orleans swing, Memphis grooves and New York City style. Storyteller, songwriter, guitarist and voice-strumentalist Lipbone Redding, has spent the last 20 years traveling the world collecting and recounting exotic tales through music and performance art.

What began as an attempt to populate his songs with more soloing, has become a trademark and an innovative instrument all its own. Redding worked the subways of New York City during the late night hours in 1998 through 2001 singing soulful ballads and stomping out echoey grooves. Late one night when a crowd of weary straphangers had gathered on the northbound side of the uptown 6 platform at Spring street, something amazing happened. Always prone to imitating sounds and people, Redding began using his voice as a wordless solo instrument over the funky strumming of his acoustic guitar, a kind of wailing that bounced from wall to wall in the subterranean cavern. He reformed the shape of his lips and by accident the sound resembled a brass instrument. Long slow sliding tones and bright brash explosions of musical joy. The commuters smiled and applauded as the train pulled into the station. Thus was born, "The Lip Trombone."

LIPBONE REDDINGAfter Traveling the world for several years, performing with musical artists from many cultures and with extended visits to South America and India, Lipbone came back to New York. He worked tirelessly to advance his performing career by playing in cafe's, bars and restaurants. He recorded and printed his own CD's and sold thousands of copies. Several months later, he had 4 steady shows a week as a solo artist. It was not long after his return that he met bassist Jeff Eyrich at Mike Williams' "Soho Pickin' Party," a monthly packed house-party featuring new and well-known songwriters. The alchemy between Jeff and Lipbone was instantaneous and within weeks, along with drummer George Mel, they had secured steady gigs as a group at Jules Jazz Bistro, one of New York's hottest downtown jazz night-spot. One night Lipbone and his band performed following famed comedian Joan Rivers at The Cutting Room with drummer, Rich Zukor. The combination was an instant success and The LipBone Orchestra was born. The three haven't looked back since.

In 2007 BePop Records released Lipbone's first album, "Hop The Fence," produced by Jeff Eyrich and featuring The Lipbone Orchestra. The record moved to the #1 position in the JamBand Radio charts and remained there for months. The song "Dogs Of Santiago" became a staple of DJ's at NPR and community radio stations across the country. Recorded, manufactured and promoted on a shoestring budget, the record was an Indie success.

It was also at this time that Lipbone began collaborating with Broadway Director/Choreographer Bill T. Jones on an evening length work entitled Chapel/Chapter. Along with musicians Chris Lancaster, Daniel Bernard Roumain and Alician Hall Moran, Lipbone helped to create a score that was heralded by the press and audiences alike. Chapel/Chapel toured internationally until 2009 and won several awards including the 2007 Bessie Award for Best Collaborative Effort and the 2008 Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding Production.

Teaming up with agent and visual genius, Karen Grossman, Lipbone Redding and The Lipbone Orchestra, began to capitalize on the radio success of "Hop The Fence," by visiting radio stations and securing their place in festivals, theaters and clubs across America. They released the follow-up record "Party On The Fire Escape" to a waiting public. LIPBONE REDDINGThe record was a departure from the "One take" vibe of the debut album with more production time in the studio, but the result was another acclaimed album from The Lipbone Orchestra. The band was delving deeper into the southern roots with songs like "Voodoo Cadillac," and the funky 70's soul inspired "Ghetto Girl," "Chandra" a fond remembrance of a trek up the Ganges river, and tongue in cheek bawdiness in "Single Again." The title track "Party On The Fire Escape" was a tip of the hat to Lipbone's newfound roots in The Bronx and a successful radio single.

Lipbone and his "Orchestra" continue touring on the heels of their latest EP "Science of Bootyism" offering four new tracks. The fellas continue to polish their groove and expand their touring. They offer workshops and perform with and for young musicians throughout their journey. All the while, Lipbone continues to write new songs for an upcoming album, slated for release in Spring 2010, a book about his adventures and a new performance project loosely based on Dexter Filkins' book "The Forever War."

Let the road go on forever ...

We were excited to have Lipbone and his two-man Orchestra on our big stage for his debut visit, and his musical pairing with Pat was greater than could have been imagined !!!

Praises by others for his performances:


  • "The quite remarkable music plays a vital role in the overall impact. It is keening, churchy, measured, and intense."
        — John Rockwell, New York Times

  • "Lipbone Redding brings new meaning to using one’s voice as an instrument. The Lipbone Orchestra is in fact a duo, but can get away with the implication of that there is a stage full of musicians."
        — NY1

  • "Thankfully Lipbone Redding is far more than just his ability to make trombone sounds with his mouth and turns out not only to be a decent songwriter but an intelligent & skilled musician."
        — Richard Marcus, Blog Critics

  • "...Redding himself - who just could be the hottest trombonist around."
        — Jim Primock, Colorado Blues Society

  Link to Lipbone & the Orchestra playing Sweet Melinda on YouTube

Visit his web site:   Science of Bootyism CD

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