MARCH 6, 2010


Tom Kimmel
on the same program with
Tom Pacheco


Tom Kimmel
Rich Melodies and Fervent Delivery


Tom Kimmel's music, poetry and stories invite his listeners toward a sweet introspection, making for a curious depth of feeling that often surprises them. Tom's presentation tonight was no exception, making for an unforgettable evening.

Raised in the Episcopal Church in the heart of the Deep South, Tom fell in love with his mother's hymns along with her Elvis and Nat King Cole records. Stirred as a child by his family's love for Christ, he has incorporated in his own devotional practice the yoga and meditation of Eastern traditions.

"One of my strongest feelings," Tom says, "is that there must be room within all healthy spiritual systems for dialogue and divergent points of view. My own religious practice is alive for me because it's fluid and open to an ongoing reformation. That's what enables me to heal as a spirit-centered human being and to evolve as an artist. It's what enables me to share what's essential to me, and also to participate responsibly in my family and community."

Having first sung in public as a boy in the church choir, Tom now finds himself coming full circle, performing frequently as a guest artist in church services and TOM KIMMELcommunity concerts around the country. A soulful writer and singer, Tom also speaks eloquently of love and awareness, relationship, and devotion, often from a humorous perspective.

While dozens of his songs have been recorded over the years by artists from Johnny Cash to Joe Cocker, his own albums and live performances have increasingly elicited expressions of appreciation for hearts touched and lives changed.

After releasing two critically praised major label albums (in ’87 and ’90), Tom made his first independent album in 1994. Bones, a collection of live recordings, was followed by Short Stories, which featured guest performances by Emmylou Harris, The Fairfield Four, Gillian Welch, Jerry Douglas and other friends. Shallow Water, released in 2002, is a collection of spirit-infused songs and hymns, and Light of Day features vibrant, spare voice-and-guitar recordings written and produced by Tom in his home studio. A volume of poetry, The Sweetest & the Meanest, was published in 2005, and Never Saw Blue, an anthology of TK songs featured in film and television, arrived in the fall of 2008.

We were excited to have Tom singing his songs, telling his tales in his light drawl, and forthrightly delivering his thoughtful poems in his debut on our Folk Music Society of Huntington stage.

We're glad we didn't miss this opportunity to see this ultimate craftsman live on our stage !!!

Praises by others for his performances:


  • "A talented singer-songwriter with a flair for striking images."
        — Variety

  • "Kimmel has a pungent, Southern-inflected voice, dark good looks and a commanding stage presence. A highly imagistic body of work that he delivers with drama and authority."
        — Austin American-Statesman

  • His songs "have an anthemic, urgent quality earned through sheer quality of songwriting."
        — New York Daily News

  • "A singer/songwriter who possesses the best qualities of John Wesley Harding or John Hiatt—suberb songwriting and raw, hard-driving vocals."
        — San Francisco Herald Examiner

  • "Rich melodies and fervent delivery."
        — Los Angeles Times

  Link to Tom playing Never Saw Blue Like That Before on YouTube

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or visit his web site:   Never Say Blue album


Tom Pacheco
Chronicler of Hardship and Heartache


I  had an odd dream... and we were all in it together ...

I  dreamt that we woke up to find ourselves in a strange world of the 21st Century with a real and uncomfortable feeling that we are all looking into the dark, open throat of a bloody abyss; passengers on a runaway train with a deranged engineer at the helm, hurtling along toward a cataclysmic wreck that our collective third eye of intuition knows is not only inevitable upon this track but perhaps imminent ...

"If anyone in this country recognizes that they need re-education, Tom's songs are waiting, on his "Best of" album, ready to supply food for thought. There are things about Teddy Roosevelt and the co-opting of Cuba, that led up to the Castro revolution that I was unaware of. It's all there in "Teddy Roosevelt." It gets even better in "Che," where the story continues." — Richard Cuccaro - AcousticLive!

His songs have been covered by Jefferson Starship, the Band, Rick Danko, Ritchie Havens, Scott Petito and Leslie Ruler, John Hall and dozens of European artists, many becoming number one hits in England and Norway. His albums have sold well in Europe. One became platinum in the mid 90’s.

TOM KIMMELHe played folk rock in Greenwich Village, NY in the late 60’s and alternative country in Austin Texas in the early 80’s. He walked out on the Nashville songwriting factories and spent 10 years in Dublin, Ireland recording and touring extensively in Europe. He now lives in Woodstock, NY and tours both America and Europe. He is admired by critics, fellow performers and perceptive music lovers who have bought the imported copies of many of his albums. Tom's still collaborating with distant friends, most recently with the Scandinavian folk duo Hoel and Albrigtsen on a collection of songs celebrating biodiversity. Andy Hardin, Tom Russell’s long time guitarist, called him "... the best solo performer he’s ever seen."

L ately Pacheco has been feeling his energy returning and his spirits on the rise. With tormenting memories settling into his comfort zone, Tom felt it was time to take his recent life experience back to the music. Pacheco's just-finished collection of new songs assembled under the title "I'll Leave a Light on for You" is dedicated to his dear friend Rick Danko.

"Pacheco's artistic stirrings lead him beyond poetry and melody. The man is also an accomplished oil painter. The walls of his work room display an early self-portrait and a lovely seascape. Painted bottles, flasks and vases sit on the shelves." — Spider Barbour

Tom's dynamite delivery of his insightful lyrics was a highlight of this spectacular evening. !!!

Praises by others for his performances:


  • "He's a brilliant observer, a philosopher for today, the kind of artist for whom lyric sheets were designed ... one of the great discoveries of recent times."
        — John Tobler - Country Music People

      Link to Tom on YouTube — There was a Time

    Listen to Tom on MySpace  

    or visit his web site:   Railroad Rainbows & Talking Blues album

  Opening tonight were our featured open mike performers:

Our host tonight was Ira Perlman,

and our open mike featured performances by:

  • Ira Perlman

  • John & Paul

  • Grand Folk Railroad

  • Barbara Garriel — with Ken Krumenacker

  • John Hamilton

  • Lois Morton

  • Larry Moser

  • Estelle Henrich

  • Michael O'Kornfeld

  • Bob Westcott

  • ...and Hank Stone

  • If you weren't here tonight, you missed yet another of the very best programs of the decade ...