Friday — October 30, 2009 — 7:00pm

The real deal, an authentic timeless troubadour

On tour from Austin, Texas
Kerrville New Folk Winner

Danny Schmidt
Singer   —   Songwriter   —   Poet


Singer/songwriter Danny Schmidt has been building an enthusiastic (nearly cult-like) following while simultaneously inspiring the admiration of his fellow artists and critical acclaim from industry professionals. He is the real deal, an authentic timeless troubadour in the tradition of Townes Van Zandt, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, and Dave Carter, who delivers his craft with a quiet power, a level of complexity, and an underlying humanity that is truly rare in this age of sound bite marketeering.

DANNY SCHMIDTIt's his songwriting which won him the prestigous Kerrville New Folk award, but it's his intense live performances that leave listeners with a sense that each of his songs is necessary, plain and simple. His guitar work is effortless and sparkling, his arrangements are fresh and unpredictable, his voice ageless. Stylistically and musically, Danny’s writing spans an impressively diverse reach, from deeply-rooted Appalachian mountain gospel to haunted English balladry, from syncopated Piedmont country blues to vagabond 60’s protest folk-stumpery.

He tackles universal themes of love, loss, and longing . . . restless discontent and grateful joy. And he captures both the sorrow and the beauty inherent in our everyday lives with the wisdom of a perceptive, compassionate elder and with the innocent awe and tenderness of a child.

In the words of Sing Out Magazine: "He is perhaps the best new songwriter we've heard in the last 15 years." And in the words of Texas Monthly: "With seductive simplicity, his music simply demands your attention."

Danny Schmidt in a house concert venue is a blessing. Without amplification, the subtleties of his lyrics resonate clearly and distinctly, and his guitar work is exemplary. All who were able to attend this show had warm praises for Danny.


Praises by others for his performances:

  • "In my life there have been special songs, the where and when of their first hearing I will remember as long as I draw breath. ‘Company of Friends’ is in that select category, establishing a practically unassailable standard that expresses what I want to be judged and remembered for."
        — Walt Hansen, FMSH webmaster

  • "Danny Schmidt is a young man with blazing lyrical skills and a deserved cult following."
        — Andrew Hawkey, Cambria Arts UK

  • "The songs are fascinating and intriguing, even mysterious. The singing is warm and unassuming, letting the stories lead him. The melodies are captivating. And the writer is gifted. Go find Danny Schmidt and listen."
        — Marilyn Rea Beyer, WUMB Radio in Boston

  • "There’s a quality -- an easygoing, lyrical storytelling manner that eschews stridency or pretension -- that all folksingers strive for and few attain. But Danny Schmidt has it in abundance. "
        — Jeff McCord, Texas Monthly

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This concert was held at the home of Sybil Moser in Huntington Station