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Saturday, April 18, 2009



Emotionally Charged

Claudia Jacobs

C laudia Jacobs — it's safe to say that she's been around.

She's traveled throughout Europe and the United States both professionally and personally, meeting people and sharing the stage with some of the most iconic folk figures of our time. Her earlier days in Greenwich village passed amongst the many talented Fast Folk singers and songwriters, performing at the Clearwater Town House Concert series, Central Park Band Shell, The Speakeasy, and even Folk City near the end of its days; with artists such as Christine Lavin, David Massengill, Suzanne Vega, Dave Van Ronk, and Cliff Eberhardt.

Claudia JacobsHer musical journey continued at summer festivals, her favorite type of venue, where she had the honor of spending time with Arlo Guthrie and meeting and playing with David Amram who would become one of her musical gurus.

Somewhere along the way, Claudia, a life long people person, met a person whom she decided to share her life with. Never doing anything half arsed, she threw herself into birthing and raising the 3 babies who would come along and who would inspire her to her second calling as a teacher of and advocate for natural childbirth, and a Doula.

Claudia JacobsSome time after that, Claudia was called out of her unplanned retirement by guitar virtuoso and fellow Long Islander Little Toby Walker when he suggested she come down to a local venue he was performing at and sing a song. That's all it took, a call back to the beating heart of folk music and the stage. The next day, she sat down and wrote her first song in almost 10 years, and then they just kept coming.

Her songs, voice and stage presence continue to be appreciated by music lovers throughout the eastern seaboard. She's back on the road, better then ever and loving it!

We came and felt the love !!!

Praises by others for her performances:

  • "One of the New York area's finest female singer-songwriters ... You can depend on her to deliver some fine music."

      John Platt, WFUV

  • "It's rare that a voice grabs you and shakes you to the bone like when Claudia Jacobs takes the stage. Her intuitive grasp of soul and gospel music blends well with her distinct contemporary folk sound."

      David Dircks - Acoustic Long Island

  • "Claudia Jacobs is an incredibly unique performer. She mesmerizes the audience with her incredible voice, ballsy yet warm personality and songwriting chops. She’s both the professional and the old friend at the same time and a joy to have both on stage and off."

      Clara Iacopelli, Patchogue Theatre

    Link to Claudia's MySpace page: CLAUDIA JACOBS     Link to Claudia on YouTube   CLAUDIA JACOBS

    or visit her web site:





    Self-taught, Christine Havrilla wins crowds over wherever she goes with her musical innovation, heartfelt lyrics, and sparkling personality — and with her guitar a mere extension of herself. Her music and sound are difficult to fit into one category; Christine describes it as "Neofunkadelicfolkpoptwangrock!" She lives up to the moniker bestowed upon her by Dena Marchiony of the Philadelphia Songwriters Project, "the quintessential pop-rock goddess." Philadelphia Magazine simply states, "She rocks!"

    Her latest album, In My Chair," demonstrates her ever-evolving musicianship. In a very personal and solo endeavor, Christine sings and plays all instruments in her most ambitious effort to date. Writing and producing from her home studio, Christine achieves raw authenticity as her gritty vocals and overall musicality breathe life into fifteen engaging songs. Christine’s strength on guitar is ever-present. She delivers in the unabashed style which has garnered her critical praise.

    CHRISTINE HAVRILLAHavrilla showcases her songwriting abilities and instrumental prowess with an organic, intimate approach. Along with her earlier albums, Christine has a collection of songs that clearly define her as a pop singer/songwriter at the peak of her form.

    At the start of her career, Christine took the East Coast by storm with thousands of listeners at Musikfest, Philadelphia AIDS Walk, Penn State Arts Fest, and New York's Central Park and followed up these performances with appearances on CN8's "Your Morning" and NBC's 10!. Today, Christine aggressively tours nationwide. Remaining a hometown favorite, she’s performed sellout shows in venerable venues such as Philadelphia's The Point, Tin Angel, World Cafe Live! and has had well received performances in the Kimmel Center. Making frequent stops at showcase clubs and major outdoor festivals, Christine has established herself throughout the East coast, Midwest, and South.

    It was a treat to hear this emotionally stirring performer at her peak.

    Praises by others for Christine's latest CD: In My Chair:

    • "... as high-energy and introspective as ever ... and always from the heart, dispensing medicinal lyrics for the soul. "

        Main Line Today Magazine

    • "... some of the most focused and empowered songwriting from any artist to stem from the local area yet and results in an eclectic set that can range from adrenalized to emotionally stirring "

        Chris March - Phoenixville Mercury

    • " ... the kind of pop-guitar songwriting that definitely should not be overlooked ... Havrilla has shifted from the typical Lilith Fair pigeonhole into her own enjoyable sound."

        Nate Bauer - Blue Weekly

      Links to her songs         or visit her web site:

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