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Remember This Great Evening

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Unique and Charismatic

LARA HERSCOVITCHIt's about music. Great music. Smart and soulful music. Highly original acoustic folk flavored with pop and at other times blues/jazz/Latin styles.

R egardless of which song or which melding of styles, listeners, fans and friends agree: Lara is a true original and a gem.

L.ara was raised in New York and lives in Connecticut. She narrowly escaped law school, training instead as a macro social worker. She has worked in the US, Latin America and Asia, on behalf of disadvantaged individuals — focusing on education, community development, human services, and the environment. Echoes of this work, including personal and global themes and questions of social justice and equity resonate throughout her music.

LARA HERSCOVITCHHer voice and performance style captivates you right away. She truly stands out in a crowd of rising folksingers. Her songs cover a broad range of topics: love, laughter, family, wisdom, poverty — the more you listen, the more you will like what she does — she delivers "pure musical poetry".

Praises by others for her performances:

  • "…The abundance of singer-songwriters on the scene today requires a musician to really shine to rise above the crowd, and Herscovitch does that from the first line of the first song…"
      Kate Goldsmith - Taconic Press

  • "Her voice is elegant whether singing in English or Spanish ... a breath of fresh air in the acoustic world."
      Dennis Halsey -

  • "Nothing is forced with this sincere performer, and the sound that results is peaceful and pure ... Even the songs that describe "only" love, seem somehow deeper and more intellectual because of Lara’s incredible objectivity, honesty and imaginative storytelling. Her voice and instrument are beautiful and are guided by her accomplished songwriting."
      Ashley Chappell -

  • LARA HERSCOVITCH"She is not just a pretty face, the more you listen, the more you will like what she does"
      Peter Massey - Green Man Review

  Link to song clips           or visit her web site:



Long Island Singer - Long Island Songwriter

DAVID BAILEYDavid Bailey is a talented, up and coming, Long Island singer-songwriter. He's an active member of the Island Songwriter Showcase (ISS), a Long Island-based volunteer organization of songwriters, lyricists, producers, engineers, performers, and DJ's. David has been a featured performer at several local venues, and he has played open mikes across Long Island, including many FMSH open mikes.

DAVID BAILEYWe were very fortunate to have him as one of our featured performers for our October Hard Luck Cafe. Even more, we were proud to DAVID BAILEY - CDbe hosting and celebrating the release of his debut CD, shown here on the right.

This was a special occasion with some excellent, heartfelt original songs.

We expected an exciting and varied evening, and were not disappointed.

Our host tonight was Karen Finkenberg,
and our open mike featured performances by excellent open mic-ers:

If you weren't here tonight, you missed yet another of the very best programs of the year ...