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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Queen Bee — Hurricane

KARYN OLIVER Karyn Oliver, an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Baltimore, has been turning heads on both sides of the Atlantic with her skillful songwriting and a passionate, soulful voice that could break your heart through a brick wall.

Oliver’s musical inspiration comes primarily from the eclectic mix of music she was exposed to while growing up in the musically diverse culture of Washington, D.C. As a child, she learned to play rock ‘n roll on her guitar and, being inspired by the likes of the Beatles, Everly Brothers, and Carol King to write some of her first songs. At the same time she was also being trained in both classical voice and musical theatre.

2007 marked the release of Oliver’s debut CD: Hurricane, and critics have already begun to take notice. While showcasing a wide range of music styles is usually reserved for established artists, the diversity of Oliver’s music has been getting international rave reviews, simply because she pulls it off so easily.

Oliver’s music has been featured on radio stations in both the U.S. and Europe, including KARYN OLIVERWLOY, WRYR, Radio Crystal Blue, Moray Firth Radio, The Upper Room with Joe Kelley, and Radio Parkstad. Oliver has also performed live on Maryland Public Television’s “MPT Artworks”, and Radio Midvliet in Den Haag. Executives from Sennheiser were so impressed with the quality of her voice that they have requested permission to use tracks from “Hurricane” to demonstrate the quality of Neumann recording microphones.

Oliver recently ended a two-year term as President of The Baltimore Songwriters’ Association in order to commit more time to supporting the new album. In the spring of 2007, she completed a successful 4-week tour of Europe. Oliver also hosts a weekly radio show in Baltimore, highlighting and providing exposure for other regional songwriters.

With a stellar review in Maverick Magazine (4½ out of 5 stars!), and glowing feedback from such publications as, Baltimore Magazine, and Music Monthly Magazine, Karyn Oliver is causing quite a stir right now.

Praises by others for her performances:

  • "…her array of musical styles ranges from throbbing rock with a feminine tease to pure, silky love songs that will shatter your heart."
      Lindsay Stroh, The Baltimore Examiner

  • "…finely crafted songs highlight Karyn’s vocal styles and tap deeply into Baltimore’s imprint on her life."
      John Devecka, WLOY Radio

  Link to her songs on Karyn's MySpace page  

    or visit her web site:


Listen closely

MARC DOUGLAS BERARDO Marc Douglas Berardo is a different kind of singer/songwriter. In what amounts to song length works of fiction, Berardo’s sharply drawn portraits cast a net on unusual and interesting characters and places. With a painter’s eye for detail, and music firmly rooted in the great American sound, Berardo sings about circus retirees, expatriates in Florida rum bars, union iron workers, old poets, aimless New York City debutantes, near death car crashes, hard nosed fishermen and of course, the changes that experience brings to everyone. He does this “simply and well” with what Rambles Cultural Magazine calls: “careful images and great tunes.”

“I try to write about people and situations that interest and entertain me. Subjects and places that I feel a connection with and that are unique in a quiet way. Real people and places caught in the moment, almost like a documentary film or a novel. At the same time, I need the music itself to take me somewhere…to make me feel something. The words have to sing and the music has to work. The kind of song that does those things is my idea of a good time.”

MARC DOUGLAS BERARDOBased in the port town of Westerly, Rhode Island, Berardo performs an average of 150 nights a year everywhere from bars and coffeehouses to theaters and national festivals. Places such as the legendary Town Crier Cafe and Postcrypt Coffeehouse in New York to the world famous Trade Winds Cantina in North Florida and even St Anne's Chapel in Vatican City, Italy. Along the way he has shared the stage with a variety of national acts including, Peter Rowan, The Marshall Tucker Band, Little Feat, NRBQ, Guy Clark, Vassar Clements, Ralph Stanley, blues legend Chris Smither, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members The Buffalo Springfield, Brooks Williams, Norman Blake (Oh Brother Soundtrack), Steve Forbert, and Eric Anderson among others.

In April of 2006, Munga Music released Berardo’s fourth CD entitled HARBOR. The highly anticipated collection produced by Prof. Dick Neal (Plexigrass, Larry Deming, Mockingbirds) is musically adventurous, oozing with integrity and just plain good for your soul. The acclaimed thirteen new songs are framed by emotional string arrangements, exhilarating front porch clap a-longs and fine grooves that ease in like a quiet fog and leave a lasting impression.

Praises for his talents:

  • "...You can almost smell the salt air and feel the cracked, weathered wood of a ramshackle pier beneath your deck shoes when Marc sings his songs, rich with the hardships, triumphs and tragedies of the locals in the harbor town he now calls home."
      Jim Colbert - The Folk Show, WPSU-FM, Pennsylvania

  • "... his light plucked acoustic guitar and voice create a sort of morning dream, quiet and floating. "
      Frank Gutch Jr. - FAME, The Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange.

  • "Berardo is first and foremost is a storyteller ... Berardo weaves the personal with the universal to help listeners of all sorts relate to his tales."
      Kathryn Vercillo - Northeast In Tune Magazine

  Link to his songs on Marc's MySpace page  

or visit his web site:

Our hosts tonight were Mike Kornfeld and Dave Waxman, and our open mike featured performances by:

  • Chris Patti

  • Fuzzy Joe Gerardi

  • Bob Mist

  • Michael Kornfeld

  • Claude Margouleff

  •   ... and Estelle Henrich and Sandy

  • If you weren't here tonight, any many of you weren't because someone scheduled Passover on our third Saturday, you truly missed yet another of the very best programs of the year ...