March 20, 1999


Jack Licitra is well-known locally as the keyboard-playing, songwriting genius formerly fronting The Water Street Blues Band. Jack has been expanding his musical boundaries by playing solo guitar and solo keyboards, playing alongside local legend Buddy Merriam, he has been inducted into Kerry Kearney's band to perform on Kerry's first major label release.

Jack treated us to an assortment of blues tunes in his smokey vocal style, which combined with exquisite melodies to make his performance an event we were glad we didn't miss.


David Cantor brought his exhilarating guitar and Kelly Flint her lush, silky voice, — and they thrilled our audience by turning our folk café into an upbeat New York cabaret. Smoothly augmented by perfect bass and drums‡, Kelly turned David's clever lyrics into paeans on modern love.
Sorry, I didn't catch their names, but they were great!!!

Combine smoky, sexy vocals with quirky songs about love, lust and venetian blinds and you're getting warm baby.

The New York City jazz duo has been dubbed everything from "beat-lounge" to "Cole Porter-meets-Seinfeld" to "jazzy stuff for the new café society".

Of the sometimes risqué repertoire, one reviewer gushed: "Anyone with an organ to grind will find something here". Another critic exclaimed: "It's the hippest, sexiest thing you could want". Thirsty for more? Dig this true story.

It's 100% True.
Fred and Ginger.
Rick and Lucy.
Steve and Edyie.
Now there's Dave and Kelly of
Dave's True Story.

Just returned from a tour in Holland, they were a delight for anyone who hungers for gentle jazz songs that are at once very contemporary and original. They performed songs from their first and second albums Dave's True Story and Sex Without Bodies, as well as a few cuts from their new upcoming album.

Dave's True Story

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