Saturday, March 17, 2007

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AKIVA hether it’s playing to a sold-out crowd at New York City’s famous Knitting Factory, or entertaining Angelinos on the Santa Monica Promenade, Akiva’s always up for a show. "I once played for group of Italian teenagers on an overnight boat to Greece, they were great!"

kiva got his start playing Counting Crows covers for classmates while studying neurobiology at UMASS. He pushed any ideas of a serious career in music out of his head as he traveled overseas to follow his original dream of becoming a brain surgeon. But one can’t deny true passions, and soon Akiva found himself spending more time playing gigs in English Pubs and popping up on local radio than dissecting gray matter.

ventually settling back in New York, Akiva hit the local music scene with more enthusiasm than ever before, bringing his mellow soul to such sought-after venues as The Bitter End and the Tribeca Rock Club. Then, a chance encounter with producer Phil Jimenez at a friend’s backyard wedding led to his critically acclaimed debut release, Bueno Y Sano. As one DJ put it, it "is one of those CDs you don't want to let your friend borrow because you know they will love it and won't return it. The CD has its own laid back groove to it and it's Muy Caliente!" (Raquel Daisy, UTA Radio).

o longer just a well-known local fixture, the word continues to spread as radio stations from Santa Monica to Boston add gems from Bueno Y Sano to their playlists. Akiva has become a much sought after opener and has showcased at numerous conferences from Atlantis in Atlanta to the Midwest Music Summit in Indianapolis. His music is also featured on various compilations.

kiva performed together in harmony with his group of five other sterling musicians. This was Akiva's debut appearance at the Hard Luck Café; it was a great opportunity to get introduced to this exciting emerging talent.

Praises for his performances:

  • "Akiva balances humor and performance with great musicianship. He captivates audiences with a great stage presence that will convert any skeptic. We loved him here at Sacred Heart..."
      Sacret Heart University

  • "Akiva's songs are solid, built on chugging acoustic guitars and rolling rhythms. He also has a clear, strong voice with a soulful flavor "

  • "Akiva's like a single focused music laser of hipness, groove and melody."
      Stephen Kellogg

  • "Real sophistication to the performance, musicianship, and arrangement."

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John Bechhoff


hen I heard The Beatles play, something opened up inside of me that led me on a path of music. I have been wandering on that path, off and on, for 30 years. I simply try to collect my thoughts and put them to music, and hopefully entertain an audience. It seems my nature has a philosophical bent, critical and skeptical of life, and that is reflected in the songs."

iven that John continually questions the value system of this world, he has been fortunate in his gigs, — he has been invited to play and express his love of music in a variety of bars, clubs and cafés, including the Pisces Cafe, the Santosha's Center for the Arts, N'awlin's Grill, the Acoustic Cafe and the Song Box.

his was an evening of great music with this evolving artist with continually refining techniques.

Our host tonight was Dave Waxman,

    and our open mike featured performances by:

  • Ira Perlman

  • Dave Waxman

  • Scott MacDonald

  • Bob Zimels - a founding member visting from California

  • Ed Mocko
  • If you weren't here tonight, you missed yet another of the very best programs of the year ...