Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mark Berube
on the same program with
Ed Kaercher


MARK BERUBE riginally from Western Massachusetts, Mark now calls Brooklyn home. Brooklyn just calls him "Mark", although he prefers "Big Rig". Weaned on such characters as Elvis Costello, They Might Be Giants, Randy Newman and Talking Heads, Mark has an eye for the absurd and an ear for the hook.

ar more entertaining than any single human being with an acoustic guitar is allowed to be under current law, Mark is a performer who refuses to be anyone's background music. His punchy, well-crafted songs and rapid-fire delivery allow audiences little time to indulge in the laughter he frequently provokes without feeling like they've missed something. This, apparently, is okay with Mark, reluctant as he is to be labeled a comic songwriter. Not that he disdains laughter. Far from it — he'd just rather write a good song than a funny one. But hey, if it's funny, that's okay too. The humor in his tunes just happens to belie the dark nature of much of his work ... laugh now; think later.

ark's tasty tunes have graced such New York rooms as Postcrypt Coffeehouse, The Baggot Inn, SUN Music Company and the legendary Fast Folk Café, plus New England circuit mainstays Fire & Water (Northampton, MA), The Kendall Café (Cambridge, MA) and Acoustic Café (Bridgeport, CT).

e has been featured at the Northampton Music Festival, and was chosen as a finalist at the 2001 Minnesota Folk Festival New Folk Contest. Mark also garnered the Best Novelty Song award at the 2001 Just Plain Folks Awards. More recently, Mark was the featured artist in the September 2005 issue of Acoustic Live in NYC.

ark Berube serves up smart, punchy slices of life at two to three minutes a serving. Often humorous, occasionally profound, and always entertaining, Mark's tunes and performance energy leave audiences howling with delight.

his is Mark's debut appearance at the Hard Luck Café; we enjoyed this opportunity to get introduced to this exciting emerging talent.

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and on the same program

Ed Kaercher

ong Island singer and rock solid guitarist Ed Kaercher has some pretty impressive credentials under his belt. A longtime sideman for acoustic legend Eric Andersen, Kaercher co-wrote Change Is Good with his friend, the late Rick Danko, which appeared on Rick's posthumous CD Times like These in 2000. Ed also appeared with the supergroup Rick Danko, Eric Andersen and Jonas Fjeld on their rootsy hit Ridin' on the Blinds from 1994 on acoustic guitar and doing harmony vocals. Ed also worked on The Band's Jericho CD released in 1993.

his was an evening of great music with this dynamic artist.

If you weren't here tonight, you missed yet another of the very best programs of the year ...