Saturday, Nov 19, 2005

John Flynn
on the same program with
Mike Soloway

John Flynn

Oh brothers, no more war ... Peace is the answer

JOHN FLYNN icket Magazine places John Flynn "at the near end of a long line of American poets, thinkers and folk artists, stretching from Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Walt Whitman, all the way up to Kris Kristofferson".

ristofferson himself praises John's songwriting: "The truth is in the details; the gifts are an ear for accurate dialogue, an eye for powerful imagery and anything funny, and a heart open to surprises and the possibilities of moving the emotions."

s a young father Flynn left a Nashville staff writing gig and began writing songs for his kids and for his life. These songs yielded CDs that are informed by the trademark humanity and humor that Flynn sees as the essential tools for parenthood and living. Recently the 48 year-old Delaware resident has turned his attention, and his songwriting, to the world his four children will one day inherit.

uring the early 90ís, Flynn returned to his native Philadelphia where his first self-released CDs began to receive extensive airplay by AAA radio giant WXPN. A standing ovation followed his first main stage appearance at the 1995 Philadelphia Folk Festival, cementing Johnís regional reputation as a dynamic and original contemporary folk artist.

n recent years John has toured extensively playing folk festivals, theaters, clubs, church basements and coffeehouses. Performing with nothing more than an old Martin D-28 and harmonica, John's compelling songs, strong voice and open hearted approach to his audiences, are making strangers believers, and believers friends throughout the country.

ohn's set tonight included the very moving I Will Not Fear, inspired by the response to his wobbly-kneed rendition on top of the dug-out in Philadelphia of God Bless America after the resumption on baseball play after 9-11.

JOHN FLYNN thers have praised him with:

  • "John Flynn is as close as we come these days to a live Phil Ochs."
        — Sing Out! Magazine

  • "John Flynn embodies the power and the glory of protest song."
        — Rich Warren, The Midnight Special, WFMT Radio

  • "This is refreshing, a singer-songwriter of today with socially conscious lyrics."
        — Music Row Magazine

  • "A troubadour of justice, mercy and hope."
        — Sally Millbury Steen, Pacem in Terris

  • Link to John's website:         Listen to his music:

    and on the same program

    Mike Soloway

    MIKE SOLOWAY ong Island based Mike Soloway performed a very eclectic mix of original and traditional songs and guitar instrumentals for our live audience, including his unbelievably virtuosic instrumental "Russian Rag" and other more or less fabulous infamous clever humorous selections like his "Born to Run".

    ike has a repertoire of the world's most well loved baroque, classical, romantic and impressionist favorites. His development as a classical guitarist began at an early age and led to studies with some of the world's most reknowned teachers, leading to well-reviewed performances at Carnegie Recital Hall.

    e is also a writer of songs for children, with major influences from Pete Seeger, Leadbelly, Woody Guthrie and his own father. His songs reflect Mike's desire to encourage a feeling of community, an appreciation of sharing and a firm moral grounding. Mike presents these positive messages subtly and with a spirit of fun, humor, enthusiasm and love.

    ike's return engagement on our Hard Luck Cafť stage was a delight we trust will be repeated again and again.

    MIKE SOLOWAY thers have praised him with:

  • "Mr. Soloway, to be specific, enjoys an exceptional command of his instrument"
        — New York Times

  • "Soloway translates with elegance and precision"
        — The Long Island Press

  • "...loving care and technical virtuosity"
        — Sounding Board

  • Link to Mike's website  

    Our host tonight was Bob Westcott, and our open mike featured performances by:

  • Bill Lauter
  • Claude Margouleff
  • Samuel P. Lazow
  • Bob Mist
  • Martha Trachtenberg
  • Robin Inwald
  • Paul Helou
  •   ... and   Nick Vermitsky
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