Saturday, April 16, 2005

Jim Tepe
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Jim Tepe

f you've been lucky enough to catch Jim Tepe in one of his rare concert appearances, you know that it's an experience you don't soon forget. This Long Island-born and -based guitarist draws from a seemingly endless well of Americana, from bluegrass to blues, from ragtime to swing and everywhere in between.

im is not only brave enough to singlehandedly tackle such chestnuts as "Me and Bobby McGee" or "I'm My Own Grandpa", he completely inhabits them, and almost makes you believe that he wrote them. Jim is also no slouch in the songwriting department, and is sure to deliver a tune or two that he has crafted. This talented multi-instrumentalist defines the word 'entertaining', deftly juggling parody with sentimentality, with a complex yet uncontrived style that Jim has mastered over more than 30 years of performing.

im has recently released a collection titled Guitarman, and from the album he performed his own "Cruzan Holiday" and "Would You Like to Play the Guitar", a hilarious parody rework of "... to Swing on a Star".

his was Jim's third Hard Luck appearance, and we consider ourselves lucky indeed to have had him again!

and on the same program

—   A contemporary Folk Band   —
with rich, tight harmonies

ne of the greatest pleasures of life comes when old friends are reunited, and the ensemble "HOME", experiencing that charge of energy provided by their happy synergy, shares the excitement with their audiences. Together, they share memory-stirring songs from a repertoire that covers blues to ballads, delivered in a rich blend of vocal harmonies supported by guitars, keyboard, percussion and a dash of harmonica.

his group of friends, whose history dates back to their High School Chorus days in Seaford, NY, found each other after 25 years thanks to the internet, though they are now covering a wider geographical area that include three states.

he band features George Blaurock of New Jersey, Gerri Campbell of Connecticut and Denise Romas and Mike Koepper of New York. Denise previously appeared on our stage as part of the Lonesome Traveler show.

ogether now for five years, they continue to perform in the tri-state area. This was an exciting evening not to be missed.

Our host tonight was Bob Westcott, and our open mike featured performances by:

  • Warren McKnight
  • Glen Roethel & Paul Helou
  • Claude Margouleff
  • Dave Waxman
  • Bill Lauter
  • Alan Michaelson
  • Ed Wernersbach
  • Nick Vermitsky
  • Richard Barnhart
  •   ... and   Steve Robinson
  • If you weren't here tonight, you missed yet another of the very best programs of the year ...