Saturday, March 19, 2005

Dave Isaacs
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Dave Isaacs

DAVE ISAACS ave opened up strong and vibrant, and then demonstrated his versatility and range by playing some of the most beautiful and delicate pieces of captivating music, all the while dazzling us with his instrument playing.

ave Isaacs is the kind of versatile and idiosyncratic artist that must drive purists mad. A classically-trained guitarist with an affinity for old-time mandolin, the stomp and groove of swamp blues, the electric energy of classic guitar rock, and the lithe phrasing of flamenco and gypsy swing, Isaacs' kaleidoscope of influences swirl together into an instantly accessible style that defies easy categorization.

1993 graduate of New York City's prestigious Manhattan School of Music, Dave turned his attention to songwriting when repetitive strain injury derailed his plans for a career as a concert classical recitalist. His country-rock band Jackalope Junction released two CDs and earned national accolades and radio play around the world for their striking blend of country, pop, and rock. Isaacs' 2003 solo CD Prodigal Son received an enthusiastic response from radio as well, and appeared regularly on the Roots Music Report, Americana Airplay, and Progressive Country internet charts.

nlike the exuberant sound of Jackalope Junction, Prodigal Son is eclectic and moody. Pounding rockers like "Wolf At The Door" and "Never Giving Up" contrast with the gypsy fiddle of "Isabella", while Dave's Spanish guitar influence is front and center on "When I Die" and "Moment Of Grace". The stylistic envelope pushes still further on 2004's Flying. Ten instrumentals, performed entirely on Parker Fly guitars, weave through jazz, rock, Latin, Celtic, and ambient sounds, tied together by Isaacs' diverse musical vision. In addition, Dave has begun work on an acoustic record with a more traditionally-influenced sound.

ave has teased us with some very well received Open Mike samples of his eclectic talents; on his debut feature visit to our Hard Luck Café stage, he will treat us to the full range of his repetoire.

thers have praised them with:

  • "Dave Isaacs is a breath of fresh air in a cynical world ... he writes songs we all wish we could, about the universals that affect us all."
        — Dave Stratton, WQBR-FM

  • "Isaacs' mix of country, blues, and rock music with classical and Spanish roots is very unique ... his lyrics leave the listener with the feeling they have gone on a journey. A true talent!"
        — Good Times Magazine

  • "Isaacs' voice is as rich and strong as his guitar playing."
        — Aural Fix

    Link to Dave's website:         Listen to his music:

    and on the same program

    — Women Singing —

    A Women's A Cappella Group — Songs for all Occasions

    ine sounds filled our auditorium tonight. Perfect harmony and inspired arrangements abounded. Twenty voices joined to enthrall us, and we all wished that they wouldn't have to stop.

    n October of 1998, Willow was begun. A workshop sponsored by the Women's Group of the local UU church provided the impetus. By the end of a day together, they knew the time had come for them to sing out.

    ver their six years they have grown into an interfaith ensemble — working together ... playing together ... and performing. Since their inception, they have discovered the joy of creating something beautiful — music and harmony — that is both empowering and life-affirming.

    hey "build a bridge of music and cross it with a song ..." of joy. They carry this joy to concert venues. Their repertoire includes works from Michael Praetorius to the Beatles, from sacred music to folk, from African chants, to Hebrew rounds.

    heir Director is Farah Chandu, one of their number who stepped forward to arrange much of their music and direct the efforts to perfect and perform it. Her expertise belies her youth and exuberance. Willow's members are drawn from several towns in the counties of Queens, Nassau and Suffolk; they range in age from 35 to 70 plus, and come from several faith traditions. Their love of singing brought them together — their joy in performing will be seen on this special night on our Hard Luck Café stage.

  • Our host tonight was Bob Westcott, and our open mike featured performances by:

  • Joe Songwriter
  • Dave Waxman
  • John Taylor
  • Kate Lamberg
  • Bob Mist
  • Larry Moser & Mary Nagin
  • Denise Romas
  • Barry Waller
  • Lisa Moscatiello
  • Richard the Barnhart
  • Marty Winkler & Noel Holsten
  •   ... and   Scott MacDonald
  • If you weren't here tonight, you missed yet another of the very best programs of the year ...