Saturday, February 19, 2005

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nce in a while a certain powerful, instinctive synergy combines with pure emotion and a high level of musical ability to produce something greater than the sum of its parts. Tonight was one of those times. Inishowen, the husband and wife team of Henry Cohen and Lynn Colgan Cohen, along with "Captain" Ron Peters and Eileen Bozarth, achieved that rare balance of proficiency, versatility, and ease with their music, each other, and our audience.

Inishowen nishowen's repertoire is drawn primarily from the rich musical heritage of the Celtic nations, Canada and the United States, and spans the centuries from the Mediaeval period through to the present day. Based in the Susquehanna Valley of eastern York County, PA, they specialize in authentic traditional folk music, both instrumental and vocal. They perform music from a variety of folk genres, including Irish, Scottish & English traditional, French Canadian, Old Time & Bluegrass, Mediaeval, Renaissance, Civil War, Colonial, & music from the nautical tradition, with a wide variety of instruments.

enry Cohen was born in New York City. He began his musical studies on the trumpet at the age of 8. Long before that, though, he had been bitten by the "folk bug," growing up in the folk-boom years of the late 50's and early 60's. Henry began teaching himself guitar at age 14, and has been a string player ever since. Attending Nassau Community College on Long Island in the early 70's exposed him to folk festivals and concerts, which gave him the inspiration to become a multi-instrumentalist. Henry currently plays fiddle, viola, mandolin, guitar, tenor banjo, hammered dulcimer, bowed psaltery and lute.

ynn Colgan was born in Hanover, Pennsylvania to a family with a long and varied musical tradition — anything from Classical music to Barbershop Quartet could be heard at the Colgan house on any given day. Lynn began her formal musical education with piano studies at age 5, which continued through her high-school years, when she studied under the direction of the late Herb Springer. During her teen years Lynn taught herself to play the guitar, and eventually picked up the tin whistle and bowed psaltery. Her great favorite, though, is the Celtic harp.

RON PETERS riginally from the Philadelphia area, Ron Peters has over 40 years of musical experience, bringing to Inishowen great talent as a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. Ron plays guitar, mandolin, English and Anglo concertinas, penny and low whistles, recorders, mountain dulcimer, and harmonica. He also sings tenor and baritone harmonies and leads. Engulfed in nautical and Celtic music in the last few years, he formerly teamed up with Henry as the "keel" of the folk group Ship in the Clouds.EILEEN BOZARTH

ewest to Inishowen is Eileen Bozarth, accomplished guitarist, vocalist and bodhran percussionist! Her presence allows for a much more versatility in instrumentation and vocal arrangement — and the great fun of four-part harmony!

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Steve Chizmadia

Steve Chizmadia teve is a product of Long Island, born and raised in Brentwood. A singer-songwriter and sometimes actor for the better part of 20 years, he's spent most of his adult life in and around New York City, where he lives today and performs regularly at the C-Note and Mickey’s Blue Room, and is a featured artist on the Best Songwriters of Greenwich Village. He's spent a healthy amount of time in Texas and considers it his home away from home — in 2003 he was a New Folk Finalist at Kerrville. Tonight, his home was on our stage, and he rewarded us with a collection of his songs sung in his clear resonant voice 151; songs that were emotional, songs that reflected his travels to the bayous and the Texas Shakespearean scrubland.

Steve Chizmadia teve brought his first CD, a combination of folk, country, cajun, zydeco, and light rock, ready in time for his first appearance on our Hard Luck Café stage. There is a little bit of everything — he's always picking up some piece of emotional bric-a-brac in his travels; for the most part he turns them into songs.

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Our host tonight was Amy Tuttle, and our open mike featured performances by:

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