Saturday, January 15, 2005

Each January, the Hard Luck Café clears it's booking calendar to make room for an evening of "open mikers". This concert provided the audience with an array of talented artists whose varied styles pleased the musical tastes of everyone in the room!

Thirty performers treated us to their specialties — we heard soulful blues, political satire, quirky ditties, engaging traditional and contemporary folk music, stunning instrumentals and original compositions by area singer/songwriters.

Tonight's Open Mike Night was dedicated to the memory of our friend, Dick Morrison. Dick loved the Hard Luck Café and the Open Mikes in particular.

Profits from tonight's concert are being donated to support tsunami relief efforts.

Featured tonight were:

Jon Brooks
Claude Margouleff
Sherry Buck
Andy Romanoff
Ed Wernersbach
Bob Mist
Sarah Haddock
Den & Jerry
Alan Michaelson
Jan Sharlun
Evan Wecksell
Roger Silverberg
John Taylor
Bob Campbell
Ed Bernstein
Alan Short
Dodd Attisani
Chris C.
Steve Fic
Nick Vermitsky
Matt Van Glad & Warren McKnight
Estelle Henrich
Dave Waxman
Samuel Lazow
Jerry Martin
Larry Moser and Mary Nagle
Richard Barnhart
Walter Sargent
Steve Robinson
Tim Huss

Now that was a great evening!