Saturday, April 17, 2004

Cross Stitch
on the same program with
Annie Mark


CROSS STITCH rossStitch is a folk music duo whose material comes from the tradition of the "Brother Duet" singing style. This type of old-time country music features tight vocal harmonies and solid instrumentation. Their influences include the old-time sound of the Blue Sky Boys, the country sound of the Louvin Brothers, and the bluegrass sound of the Stanley Brothers and Jim and Jesse. This type of music was recently popularized by the movies Oh Brother! Where Art Thou and Cold Mountain.

he members of CrossStitch are Phyllis Elkind from New York City and Alice Backer from Tarrytown, New York. Although they are not brothers (nor are they sisters), they do share a love of this style of music and its rich repertoire. They accompany their singing with guitar, fiddle and autoharp.

hyllis Elkind has always been a singer — from car-rides with her family, to madrigals, doo wop, and bluegrass. The folk-revival of the '60s brought Phyllis to the guitar and to the music of The Weavers, Pete Seeger, etc. When she later heard the New Lost City Ramblers and the Carter Family, it was "love at first listen". But folk music is not the whole story. Phyllis is the keyboard player and founder of the ever-fabulous Freddi and the Drumsticks, a women's rock band. She recently released a CD, Triboro, with her acoustic trio of the same name. Phyllis is also a music teacher and gives piano lessons in Manhattan.

lice Backer was classically trained in violin, but after she was exposed to country and bluegrass music, her violin suddenly turned into a fiddle and has remained that way since. In recent years, she has added Scottish and French-Canadian music to her repertoire and tunes from these genres find their way into her concerts. She has been a member of the Risky Business Bluegrass Band and the Cameron Scottish Musicians. She is in demand as a dance musician and workshop leader in several musical styles. She is a versatile lead and harmony singer who enriches any group she sings with.

rother duets, foot-tapping fiddle tunes, ballads from Appalachia, and American Old-Time musical gems - this is CrossStitch!

and on the same program

Annie Mark

ANNIE MARK nnie Mark is a singer songwriter whose richly textured voice and unique style have graced stages from Ireland to Nashville. Her songs are entertaining, honest, inspiring, full of depth and warmth, and humor too.

versatile performer with over twenty years experience, Annie has worked as both a solo artist and in groups such as Quarter Moon, The Lunatics, Calamities Children, Sugar Magnolia and the Mistletoe Girls. She has shared the stage with many artists including Livingston Taylor and Clarence Clemons.

nnie's song Cadillac Car has been recorded by the bluegrass band Buddy Merriam and Back Roads. Annie and her Willie Nelson look alike "holey" guitar are currently at work on her CD Wooden Change a Thing.

ubbed the "song lady" many years ago, Annie's songs are full of heart and cannot help but reach the heart of all those who have the chance to hear her.

Our host tonight was Amy, and our open mike featured performances by:

  • Alan Michaelson
  • Pete & Carol Agramonte with Estelle Hendrick
  • Maria Fairchild
  • John Stowe
  • Donald Johnson
  • Bill Neilan
  • Claude Margouleff
  • Bob Campbell
  • Alan Shore
  •   ... and   Larry Moser & Mary Nagin
  • If you weren't here tonight, you missed yet another of the very best programs of the year ...