Saturday, February 21, 2004

Lonesome Traveler
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Glenn Pettit

Lonesome Traveler

LONESOME TRAVELER onesome Traveler is a one-act narrative musical about the life of Lee Hays and his Legendary Folk Groups The Weavers and the Almanac Singers.

his show was so loved by all that there was a standing ovation for the show and the company by our whole overflow audience, — the one that sang along to all of the songs.

ee Hays was one of a triumvirate that had a remarkable impact at a critical time in American History, — the two others being the legendary Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger. Their songs and actions affected the labor movement, the march to social justice, and the direction that music would thereafter take. This production features performances of the songs of Hays' life woven together with the narrative story of his life's journey.

he play, written by Doris Willens and directed by Lois Stein, will feature the performers:

  • Ira Perlman       Narrator / Guitar
  • Denise Romas   Guitar
  • Dick Morrison     Banjo.
  • he narrative is based upon the book by Doris Willens: Lonesome Traveler: the Life of Lee Hays (University of Nebraska Press), which has more on Lee Hays and his influence on the world as we've come to know it. All songs in the production from the repertoire of Lee Hays were used with permission.

    IRA PERLMAN RA PERLMAN (Narrator/Guitar) holds a BA in Theater from HH Lehman College CUNY. He has appeared on college and community stages in productions of A Midsummer Nights Dream, Guys and Dolls, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, My Sister Eileen, Barefoot in the Park, Plaza Suite and many more. He has also directed productions of How to Succeed ... , Telemachus Clay, No Exit, and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. As a singer and guitarist he has appeared in various New York and Long Island coffee houses and is currently the Vice President of the Folk Music Society of Huntington.

    DENISE ROMAS ENISE ROMAS (Guitar) has been a lover and performer of folk music ever since she got her first guitar at age 11. She has been performing solo for 30 years in venues all over Long Island, from the wine and cheese places of the 70's to the coffee houses of today. Denise is also a part of the contemporary 3-part harmony folk band called HOME that performs in the tri-state area. With a BA in Music Education and a Masters in Elementary Education, Denise has been teaching music and directing children's choruses in elementary schools on Long Island for 20 years. She is currently a General Music Teacher and Choral Director in the Longwood School District.

    DICK MORRISON ICK MORRISON (Banjo) first saw Lee Hays and The Weavers perform at a union hall on Staten Island in 1948 and has been a fan of their music ever since. Dick is a past president of The Folk Music Society of Huntington; has appeared in A Woody Guthrie Retrospective, is a regular on the acoustic Open Mike scene, has produced a series of free summer concerts in downtown Bay Shore, and has done sound engineering at the Eclectic Café, the Heckscher Museum, and the Cinema Arts Center. He plays five-string banjo and guitar.

    ORIS WILLENS (Writer) is the author of this play and the book Lonesome Traveler, the Life of Lee Hays. She wrote book and lyrics for the Off-Broadway musical Piano Bar. Her play Disraeli and her shows Spent: A Musical Revue About Growing Older in America, Great Books, and Monkey Business have been performed in many venues on Long Island.

    OIS STEIN (Director) has had a long career as an actor and director. Among her directing credits are Annie, Peter Pan, Mornings at Seven, Brighton Beach Memoirs, and for Primrose Productions, Disraeli, Spent: A Musical Revue About Growing Older in America, Great Books, and Monkey Business.

    and on the same program

    Glenn Pettit

    lenn Pettit is one of those rare performers who immediately grabs your attention and refuses to let go! He describes himself as a Delta-punk, Egyptian-Reggae fingerpicker, which is only part of the complex Pettit persona. Glenn wraps his thought-provoking lyrics around nimble fingerstyle guitar work, putting, in his words, all the wrong notes in all the right places! Glenn is truly a master guitarist, having been an early important influence on Little Toby Walker.

    is formidable command of the works of legendary musicians in the vein of Rev. Gary Davis, and Mississippi Fred McDowell have earned him much well-deserved recognition.

    riginally a native of Long Island, Glenn has been featured in a number of Boston area events, including The W.O.M.P. Showcase in Spencer MA, and the Best of Boston Singer-songwriter Showcase along with Greg Greenway, Annie Wenz, and Darryl Purpose. Glenn has also been featured on Bob Westcott's Holiday Revue, any number of radio stations, including WUSB and WPKN, and, most recently, on television.

    lenn gave us a spectacular demonstration of his guitar virtuosity tonight, his vocals were wonderful, and he generously shared the spotlight on two songs with his old buddy Little Toby Walker. We're glad we stayed through to the end.

    Our host tonight was Bob Westcott, and our open mike featured performances by:

  • Debra Lynne
  • Lora Kendall
  • Nick Vermitsky
  • Barry Be
  • Mike Koepper
  • Larry Lewitt
  • Walter Sargent
  • Bob Mist
  •   ... and   Bill Neilon
  • If you weren't here tonight, you missed yet another of the very best programs of the year ...