Josh Joffen
Gerry McKeveny and Joe Caggiano

Sept 19, 1998

Guitarist and songwriter JOSH JOFFEN has been active in the New York City folk scene for over 20 years. He has been featured in several Fast Folk Musical Magazines and has won top songwriting awards from the Kerrville (Texas) folk festival. Josh's powerful vocal style perfectly complements his moving, thought-provoking lyrics. Josh gave a terrific performance at Bob Westcott's 1997 Holiday Show , and is highly respected by NYC and LI performers for his ability to captivate an audience. Come see him in a rare Long Island performance!

Songwriter/Guitarist GERRY McKEVENEY has been performing with JOE CAGGIANO for twenty years. The well-balanced and dynamic fingerstyle guitar work is enchanting. Gerry's understated vocal style draws the listener in while Joe's lead guitar and vocals beautifully accent Gerry's insightful lyrics.
Their album "High Road" was very well received by critics and fans, who will be thrilled to hear selections from a second upcoming album. Gerry was also a featured performer at Bob Westcotts 1997 Holiday Show.