Saturday, October 18, 2003

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Frank Christian

FRANK CHRISTIAN rank Christian is a consummate songwriting musician, renowned for his virtuosic guitar playing. With guitar roots ranging from traditional folk to acoustic blues, to big band guitar picking, Frank interweaves his music with lyrics that reveal a richness of illusion and metaphor, infused with irony and densely-textured imagery.

is performance tonight was never less than stunning; he has fingers that fly all over his guitar, and his picking is virtuosic. He treated us to an extended set of blues, rags, and ballads ... and concluded with an old standard favorite, "Makin' Whoopee" to the delight of young and old.

rank is one of the original musical artists that congregated in Greenwich Village and formed the base of the folk movement; Frank has been a headliner from the beginning. His guitar melodies have never been more exciting.

is latest release, Mister So & So was cited as one of the top ten albums by the Boston Globe. Christian's work has been included on more than 50 albums over more than 20 years, and he's played and recorded with Tom Paxton, Nanci Griffith, Suzanne Vega, Christine Lavin, John Gorka, Dave Van Ronk, The Smithereens, and Odetta, just to name a few. His original hit song Three Flights Up has been covered by Nanci Griffith.

FRANK CHRISTIAN is extensive tours throughout the United States and Europe have included performances at Carnegie Hall and The Royal Albert Hall, and now our Hard Luck Café is included in that group of venues.

e were honored — very honored — to have had Frank Christian on our Hard Luck Café stage.

thers have raved:

  • "An accomplished guitarist and singer, Mr. Christian commands a wide variety of styles ... A distinctive stylist performing distinctive original material ... Christian writes and sings languid, blues-flavored songs that conjure up the New York bohemian life with a dreamy, understated sensuality ..."
      — The New York Times

  • "One of Frank Christian's fortes is the ability to write new songs that sound like standards — instant classics ... One of New York's finest talents."
      — Boston Globe

  • and on the same program

    Tim Atwell

    TIM ATWELL im Atwell's clever humorous songs in folk, swing and country style have been endearing him to audiences for years. His literate songwriting has impressed fans in Nashville, in Europe, and on the stage of IMAC and the Rainbow Stage in Huntington. His songs have been heard on National Public Radio, and in showcases sponsored by the Songwriters Guild of America and the Nashville Songwriters Association.

    im has a big repertoire of literate, often humorous, songs in the folk, swing, and country styles on the wide-ranging foibles of modern society and interpersonal relationships, but don't be too surprised when he delivers a smooth beautiful love ballad or two. His lyrics can be poignant, and once you've heard his hymn to inadvertence, Oops, you can't utter the word yourself without remembering the catastrophes that Tim envisioned.

    im gave us a set of songs from his new CD Contents Under Pressure, which was available, at long last, at the concert. This was a memorable performance enjoyed by all.

    Our open mike tonight featured performances by:

  • James O'Malley
  • Kevin McLeod
  • Kate Lamberg
  • Lora Kendall with Roger Silverberg
  • Paul Cama
  • Martha Trachtenberg
  • Jim Caputo
  • Rich O'Brien
  • Barry Be and Lou Malfi
  • Scott MacDonald
  • ... and other fabulous talents
  • If you weren't here tonight, you missed yet another of the very best programs of the year ...