Saturday, February 15, 2003

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Steve Key

STEVE KEY teve Key opened tonight's program with a set that delighted our audience. With his original ballads, funny topical songs, and musical stories about real people, singer-songwriter Steve Key easily won new fans to his view of the world. He's a seasoned professional who has played the big folk festivals in Philadelphia, Winnipeg and Kerrville. And he's opened shows for Richard Thompson, Christine Lavin, Jonathan Edwards and Tom Paxton.

native of Brooklyn NY, Steve grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and studied journalism at San Jose State University. He worked for several weekly newspapers while also singing pop and folk songs at nightclubs. After a two-year stop in Portland OR, Key returned to New York and joined the circle of singer-songwriters hanging out at Folk City and The Speakeasy in Greenwich Village. He recorded four songs for Fast Folk, the 'musical magazine' that brought out the first recordings of Suzanne Vega, Lyle Lovett and Tracy Chapman. Those recordings are now enshrined in the Folkways division of the Smithsonian in Washington DC.

  • "Bouncy, catchy - He's got a light, tuneful voice, a way with words that adds both descriptive detail and gentle humor to his songs and he relates easily to his audience."
      — Mike Joyce, Washington Post

  • "Sparkle quality akin to early Don McLean"
      — Folk Roots Magazine

Link to Steve's web site:     and listen to song clips.

and on the same program

Larry Nacht

arry Nacht is a singer-songwriter whose musical vision ranges from a dark and ironic take on the human condition to the hope-filled musings of a man reflecting on life and love. Larry's style is uniquely his own, but is reminiscent of the street poets and hard-edged singers who inhabit the shadowy corners of New York City.

arry is modest about his achievements: he has a gold record with Sheena Easton, and is currently writing for several well-known recording artists. Listen carefully: that well-crafted song you hear later this year might well have been written by Larry.

arry has two independently-released albums under his belt, Oversoul and Luv(sic), which were recorded and mixed locally. His performance tonight was heartily received by our audience.

arry's Hard Luck debut promises to be a memorable and thought-provoking event.

  • "Kisses, by Larry Nacht, was such perfectly written, intelligent pop, that it would have elevated Sheena Easton's reputation. The biggest problem, commercially speaking, is that this obvious standout track on Easton's album Do You was not released as a single. "
      — Rolling Stone

Our open mike tonight featured solo performances by Frank Hendricks, Andy Romanoff, Strike the Bell (Judith Zweiman & Stuart Markus), Kevin McLeod, Alan Michaelson, Larry Moser, Lora Kendall, Bill Lauter, Princess Peapod, Dick Morrison, and Bob Fox.

If you weren't here tonight, you missed yet another of the very best programs of the year ...