May 16, 1998

Mike Soloway
Guitarist/folksinger Mike Soloway is a study in contrasts: his guitar style is strongly influenced by classical masters, his choice of traditional songs by the Old World, and his satirical originals by the lunacy at the end of the 20th century. Mike's latest release, Shoes of the Troubadour, showcases his versatility and virtuosity; if you catch him, with luck you will hear him perform Office Vermin and 50 G's in the Hole. Mike just moved to Huntington to be closer to our musical scene.

James Yarsky
James Yarsky is "astonishing" personified. His performances are always rich and disturbing; whether he is singing at the top of his lungs or whispering almost off-mike, his songs grasp the audience. Jamie fearlessly visits the abyss, reflecting on the mysteries of life and death, challenging his listeners to see beyond the ordinary. When the imagery of Texas or Crash starts to haunt you, you've risen to the challenge.