Saturday, Dec. 21, 2002

To celebrate this Holiday season, our favorite legendary guitarist and singer-songwriter, Bob Westcott, brought his annual revue of talented performers to Huntington. He welcomed us with a coupled of well roasted chestnuts, and then presented his showcase of some of the most talented and exciting performers in the Huntington area. This years' lineup featured:

GLENN PETTIT — This talented Somerville, Mass. resident (via Smithtown!), a masterful fingerstyle guitarist, opened tonight's show. His musical influences range from Lou Reed and Bruce Coburn to the Reverend Gary Davis, and he was an early influence on Little Toby Walker. He kicked off the evening with great flair.

PRINCESS PEAPOD — Princess Peapod is a lively acoustic duo that features the rich, linen-textured vocals of Michele Frimmer with the inventive harmonies and multi-layered guitar style of Dave Cook. They were warmly received on this cold wintry eve.

Pat O'Rourke — In a surprise addition to the program, Pat O'Rourke contributed a couple of fine pieces.

WILD GINGER — This a cappella group sang a blend of contemporary and traditional ballads and spirituals. Wild Ginger is Candy Baranello, Caren Jacobs, Maureen Keelty and most recently, Amy Tuttle and Nick Vermitsky, who joined in on several numbers. In the holiday spirit, Princess Peapod lent their voices to the ensemble for a rousing Christmas ballad.

As usual, Bob Westcott left the audience eagerly awaiting his 12th Annual Holiday Revue.