Saturday, Dec. 15, 2001

During this Holiday Season, our favorite legendary guitarist and singer-songwriter, Bob Westcott, brought his annual revue of talented performers to Huntington. He presented a showcase of some of the most talented and exciting performers in the Huntington area. This years' lineup offered:

TIM ATWELL's droll and laconic style has been endearing him to audiences for years. His literate songwriting has impressed fans in Nashville, Europe, and on the stage of IMAC and the Rainbow Stage in Huntington.

THE HOMEGROWN STRING BAND is a family band performing old timey music from the 1920's and 30's. The band consists of Georgianne (Mom), Rick (Dad), and daughters Erica and Annalee performing on guitar, mountain dulcimer, fiddle, jaw harp, banjo and mandolin.

JAMES O'MALLEY is definitely a musician's musician. His sweet voice and gentle fingerstyle on the guitar enthralls even the most jaded listener. The warm and intimate melodies that he crafts beautifully frame the direct and honest stories that he tells.

Concertgoers were also treated to a few songs featuring Bob's prodigious guitar playing.