The HARD LUCK CAFé Presents at the Cinema Arts Centre
Remember This Great Evening
Thursday, January 19, 2012

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With a well-crafted mix of folk, rock, classical and funk, Long Island-based Miles to Dayton brought an honest message of love, life and laughter to this performance. The M2D recipe is simple: four-part vocal harmony textures, solid songwriting, improvisational violin and cello, and an infectious rhythm section that stirs up the creative stew.

The family chemistry adds to the onstage fun, while the unique instrumentation delivers an eclectic sound portrait with a comfortable, down-home vibe in each of the songs. Miles to Dayton left a lasting impression on our ears, relying on quality musicianship and melodies that will bring us back to their next show.

The band features vocalist Krista (March) Preddice, songwriter Jonathan Preddice (guitar, cello, vocals), Dave March (bass, vocals), Leanne (Preddice) Strom (violin) and Brian Kroll (drums). M2D recently released its third album, Pass It On.

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Singer-songwriter and fingerstyle guitarist Robert Bruey grew up in rural New England and lives on Long Island’s North Fork. Bruey’s roots and how they have helped to shape him are reflected in the original music on his CD, Silver Burning Sky, and were even more evident in this live performances, during which he shared his deepest emotions with our audience.

His music is honest and real, raw and meaningful, gritty and naturalistic. His deft, spare and unique finger-picking style — with notes carefully left alone to be heard in the moment — provides a perfect complement for his earthy and soulful voice and the meaningful, introspective lyrics of his songs. As a musical artist, Bruey paints with words — imbuing his songs with imagery that enables listeners to visualize his stories as he sings them. Although he cites such diverse artists as Dave Matthews, Van Morrison, Waylon Jennings, Jackson Browne and Damien Rice as influences, Robert Bruey is his own muse blazing his own musical path.

Robert’s live performance was moving and intimate. They left us knowing that he has shared his deepest emotions with us.

Members of Miles to Dayton accompanied Robert Bruey, and did it very well.

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  Opening tonight were our featured open mike performers:

Our open mike tonight featured performances by:

  • David Maher
  • Jonathan Bodian
  • Beth and Kathryn Oman
  • Walt Sargent
  • Annie Mark
  • David Cook
  • Kris Rice
  • Michael Doherty
  • ...and Katie Pearlman

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