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Saturday, February 19, 2011


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Kaydi Johnson
Peasant of the Wreck

Kaydi Johnson manifests magic in her work. She rolls forceful and racy lyrics into short stories and cinematic slices of life. Her lyrics and music find new ways to explore such themes as living, loving, politics and love lost. Kaydi’s songs stay with you long after they have ended. Haunting and joyous. Provocative and poetic. Magnetic and musically delicious word plays that always charm the ears, hearts and minds of her listeners.

It's not easy to put Kaydi Johnson's music into a neat package. This artist deftly cracks the stereotype of the cordial female singer/songwriter holding a guitar. Known for her witty word plays and tightrope topics, it's tough not to get drawn in and intoxicated by her crisp musical style and insightful lyrics. Her eagerly awaited third CD, "Peasant of the Wreck," (produced by David Seitz) transcends the safety of your garden-variety composition. Exploring themes of family, corruption, politics and love, Kaydi holds nothing back.

As per John Aiello "Kaydi Johnson, a brilliant songwriter who hails from upstate New York, is quite simply the most original voice discovered in the last several years – her writing sensual and honest, her heart naked on the table, revealed in the tumbling stories that make up the best of her body of work. Johnson has released three CDS to date (“Tied,” “No goDs Allowed” and “Peasant of The Wreck”), and the thing that really separates her from the pack is the writing. In these 'moviescapes' full of bloodied faces, Johnson records the paths of broken people with lost eyes, writing about the ones who have been hit hard but who still somehow remain standing. In sum, these are men and women who have multiple scars but who nonetheless are comfortable with their blemishes – each tear in the skin brings them closer to the edge of the light."

KAYDI_JOHNSONHer song Eddie from the album, is Johnson's true masterwork as she unravels life into the threads of an epic poem. Here, Johnson stamps out her style with indelible flair as the piece moves back and forth between recitation and soft singing: The poet on stage overtaken by the purpose of her own story takes us deep into the labyrinths of herself. And there she kneels: Making love to each and every image in her mind; and there she kneels, reconnecting with spirits just beyond the tongues of this human sphere.

Her performances simultaneously intersect various genres and mediums, painting pictures of a half-hidden America, where shadows stumble about in the ultimate search for self and contentment..

Kaydi is a wonderful upcoming talent.

Praises by others for her performances:

  • "Johnson has a strong, distinctive voice, compelling tunes and a sensual style that is certainly enticing"
        — David Malchowski,

  • "a voice that holds your attention to it and to the stories it is slowly unveiling, pieces at a time, each move radically shifting the subject of the picture so that it is as if, during the removal of the blindfold, it isn't until it is completely removed that you get the full picture."
        — Bob Gottlieb, Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange


Link to Kaydi on YouTube:     Video: Eddie    

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    CD:Peasant of the Wreck

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Newland and Miller
Home Town Band

Fred Newland and Cliff Miller have been in bands together since Junior High. In the late '70's and early '80's after working with Michael Lang of Woodstock fame, and Charlie Colello musical arranger for Barbara Streisand, The Four Seasons and others, they moved on and played some opening gigs for Ronnie Specter, New Riders Of The Purple Sage, and Orleans. playing the Long Island original music scene. Marriage, families and careers intervened but they stayed in touch with their music and recorded a project with Doug Stegmeyer of Billy Joel's Band as well as some commercial and theme work in television. They continued to write and record but refrained from playing out. Having recently decided to start playing out again, and keeping things acoustic, Fred and Cliff are enjoying playing Long Island's acoustic venues.

This was an exceptional show with true home town professionals.

Praises by others for their performances:

  • "I'm so glad we went to Acoustic Long Island to see you perform last night! You have not lost anything (in the weight department) but you certainly have gained a wonderful sense of how to keep it 'about the song'"
        — Howard Emerson, singer/songwriter

  • "you guy's are the best ..."
        — Sal DeVitto

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  Opening tonight were our featured open mike performers:

Our open mike tonight featured performances by:

  • Tim Young
  • Kenny P.
  • Walt Sargent
  • John Taylor
  • Bob Mist
  • Sirianni & Stein
  • Andy Romanoff
  • Grand Folk Railroad
  • ...and Tim Peterson

  • If you weren't here tonight, you missed yet another of the very best programs of the year ...