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Saturday, November 20, 2010


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... her lyrics betray a gentle, tender sensitivity
while her delivery reveals brass balls

So this is growing up.
In Julie Corbalis’ first solo CD, Old Flames and New Names, followers of the musician’s career have recognized a more mature Jules than the one they first heard sing at Broadway Station in Astoria, Queens, back in September 2001, when the smoke from 9/11 was still stinging our eyes. Those who are new to her music will be left wondering what they missed all those years.

JULIE CORBALISFor the last 10 years, family, friends, and lovers have made their ways into Julie's song lyrics. Like flowers, some of the relationships were cultivated and coaxed toward sunlight with thoughtful encouragement and practical decisions. Others managed to flourish keeping hydrated with a little beer and light from the bulbs on the Triboro Bridge. Both are the stars of her songs; the reasons she writes.

Prior to Old Flames ... Julie released two successful indie pop/rock albums with the quartet Jules & the Family; the tracks have been played on public, private, and internet radio throughout the US, Europe and Japan.

All three of her albums have different feels and sounds to them, however, they all share the same storyteller. Like everyone, she had much to learn over the last decade, and the lyrics on each record reflect some of the changes that she has gone through as she progressed through her 20’s. These albums take the listener on the journey she’s been on, and hopefully provide the soundtrack to his or her passage.

Praises by others for her performances:

  • "Jules has a voice that was meant for singing, and the heart to match."
        — Jeremy - Border Radio

  • "Julie Corbalis is a fine singer-songwriter whose lyrics betray a gentle, tender sensitivity, while her delivery reveals brass balls, if you will. She is charming to boot! ... It was a surprise fun evening and the family grew and the circles overlapped. "
        — Elliott Glick - The Starving Artist

  • "Solid performances and clean simple production present the song and its message most effectively. The rhythmic syncopation of the verse lyric delivery was really cool, it reminded me of the way Alanis Morrisette and Nickelback sort of wrap the lyrics around the melody of the track, sometimes breaking up the phrasing of the lines in unexpected places."
        — Taxi

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Video: Should've Stayed Away    

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... clever witty songs and stories – & Piaf


L.ois Morton began writing songs in the late sixties, and at the suggestion of Pete Seeger had several topical songs published in Broadside Magazine. After a long hiatus, which included raising a family, teaching, writing children's books and ESL textbooks, and directing a continuing education program at the YWCA, she returned to songwriting in the mid nineties. She currently focuses on humorous songs of social commentary on subjects such as Clutter, Cell Phones, Psychotherapy, etal., which have delighted audiences at Acoustic Long Island, the Folk Music Society of Huntington and other performance venues. Her song Confessions of a Clutterholic received a standing ovation at the National Conference of Professional Organizers.

As a cabaret performer, Lois has studied with reknowned teacher and performer Helen Baldassare, in Manhattan and in Tuscany. Lois' multicultural repertoire includes songs in several languages, with a special emphasis on French and the songs of Edith Piaf.

LOIS MORTONAngraduate of the Music for Healing and Transition Program, Lois is a Certified Music Practitioner. She uses nostalgic music with voice and piano, to enhance momeory retrieval with groups and individuals sufferering from dementia..

An ESL teacher and former Adult Education Administrator, Lois holds a doctorate in Adult Education from Columbia University. She lives in Huntington, L.I., and is the proud mother of Philip and Amy, and grandmother of Benjamin, Amanda and Matthew.

We were very pleased to have Lois return to our stage for a full set of her clever, witty songs and stories, and the Edith Piaf gem that she performed with Larry Moser accompanying her on his accordian.

Praises by others for her performances:

  • "Transported me to another time."
        — Eileen P., N.Y.

  • "If I closed my eyes, Edith Piaf was in the room"
        — Barbara J., Douglaston Women's Club


    Link to Lois on YouTube:  
    Video: Confessions of a Clutterholic    

    More video performances:

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    or visit her web site:  

  Opening tonight were our featured open mike performers:

Our open mike tonight featured performances by:

  • Ken Pascual
  • Paul Helou
  • Christie Baker
  • Tom Ryan
  • Andy Romanoff
  • John Taylor
  • Bill Buttner
  • Jesse Oelbaum
  • ...and Judy Merrick

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