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Saturday, April 17, 2010




A warm mellifluous voice


  • "... hummable country-folk ... a pleasure to hear live ! ..."

    A ward-winning Americana singer songwriter Susan Kane crafts melodic and memorable songs about life, relationships, and nature. Drawing on country, folk and blues influences, and with a warm mellifluous voice, she delivers moving performances.

    Born in New York and raised in various suburban locations by artistically inclined parents in New Jersey, she was drawn to music at an early age, but wandered away from her mother’s conservatory piano repertoire to the homespun vibes of acoustic folk and twangy country music. The rise of Bob Dylan and the ubiquitous presence of folk music on top40 radio and pop music outlets of the time called to her. “My mom is actually from Wheeling, West Virginia, home of WWVA and its famous Jamboree USA country music show. She used to joke that I must have some hillbilly blood in me somewhere.” Kane dropped the piano and picked up the guitar around sixth grade, promptly forming an all girl folk trio which performed for a couple of years. Then she went solo and sang folky, protesty, singer songwriter stuff with some Beatles thrown in. There was a college duo with a guy partner, who turned her on to the Grateful Dead.

    SUSAN KANE “I  immersed myself deeply in their work, which most people probably don’t realize are about half covers culled from just about every genre.” After college, she played just for her own enjoyment, and got back into performing in the mid 1990s, logging time in the corporate world and raising a family with her attorney/writer husband. She only started to write songs about 10 years ago. She was in a rock band that started doing original material, and thought, “maybe I can do that too.” When the band wound down, she found herself having coffee with local indie goddess Sloan Wainwright who said “Go to the folk world.” And she hasn’t looked back.

    No, she doesn’t regret not having started this sooner. No point in that, she says. Rather, she feels was actually “in training”---soaking up literature, poetry, movies, music, the raw material of songs. It takes time to process one’s influences. In the early 2000s she entered the local Westchester and New York singer songwriter and folk scene.

    "I  was very inspired by Pete Seeger whom I first met at a nonprofit fundraiser. He listened to a song I had just written, and was very complementary and encouraging.” She gets her songwriting ideas from anything and everything — offbeat newspaper articles, odd turns of phrase, roadside flowers. She is drawn to characters (and the consequences of character), stories and situations, and tries to express a particular message or feeling though the unique use of language.

    Praises by others for her performances:

    • "... her voice the fuel, sweet momentum of the strings, the wheels"
          — Catherine Michaels - WHUD-FM

    • "Her voice, without any vibrato, is very pure, rather similar to Kate Wolf's. "
          — Jean-Jacques Corrio - Cri du Coyote

    • "If justice were served, "Susan Kane" would be a household name! "
          — Jim Motavalli - WPKN-FM, Bridgeport, CT


    Listen to her music on SonicBids  

    Listen to her music on MySpace
              Susan Kane CD: Highway Bouquet   Highway Bouquet

    or visit her web site:  


    chuck e. costa

    chuck e. costa
  • " sensitive, introspective ... inspired " New York Times
  • C huck E. Costa's candid and visceral delivery of literate and well-crafted contemporary folk tunes has steadily raised his profile on the national club, coffeehouse and festival circuits.

    C huck never started playing guitar. Instead, he started rummaging through the basement in search of his grandfather's baseball cards. Meddling through stacks of old china and piles of winter coats, he never found them. Something found him instead. Strumming it's scraggly strings; a progression of broken chords, he played with an honesty and innocence that would be preserved in the songs he would later write.

    chuck e. costaS ince earning a degree in philosophy in Boulder, Chuck, a native New Yorker, returned to the Northeast and released 3 independent albums and an EP since 2002. He is a modern day troubadour who has been touring the country consistently for several years cutting his teeth as a performer and songwriter. With his dulcet voice and emotive lyrics Chuck has grown into a singer/songwriter with a unique and honest voice.

    L ast year, Chuck released his third independent release Where the Songs Come From. Chuck teamed up with Mark Thayer of Signature Sounds to create an album of rich arrangements that stay true to the heart of each of Chuck's candid and visceral songs. The opening track was selected to be featured on a compilation released by Hear Music in every Starbucks in North America. The album appeared on the Billboard charts in its first week of release.

    He has shared the stage with such diverse nationally touring acts as; Rosanne Cash, The Weepies, Pete Seeger, Peter Case, Dar Williams, Josh Ritter and Andrew Bird to name a few.

    He will be appearing on our Hard Luck Café stage shortly after being announced as a Winner of the 2009 Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist audience award contest, selected from a line-up of over 40 emerging folk artists.

    chuck e. costa

    You don't want to miss this exciting new artist   !!!


    • 2009 Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist Winner
    • 2008 Rocky Mountain Folks Fest Winner (CO)
    • 2007 Kerrville NewFolk Finalist (TX)
    • 2007 Telluride Troubadour 3rd Place Winner (CO)
    • 2007 Solarfest Winner (VT)
    • 2007 Wildflower Finalist (TX)
    • 2007 "When the City Comes" featured on "Off the Clock" released by HEAR Music featured in every STARBUCKS in North America
    • 2005 Great Waters Folk Fest Songwriting Finalist (NH)

    Listen to music on his website     Chuck E. Costa CD - Where the Songs Come From   CD: Where the Songs Come From

    Visit his web site:  

    Expect an evening that will be a big treat and warm our Spring awakening spirits !!!

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