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Saturday, February 20, 2010




Drop Dead Gorgeous Voice


New York based singer and songwriter Julia Joseph brings her own fresh mix of roots music to soul hungry fans everywhere.

Spanning the genres of folk, jazz and blues, the real signature of Julia's sound is her drop dead gorgeous voice — so moving it could almost overshadow the fact that she is a great songwriter. Because Julia writes about the emotional aspect of her experiences, her songs are universally accessible and she sings them in a way that makes each audience member feel as if they are the only person in the room with her.

JULIA JOSEPHGifted with a natural musicality and expressive freedom, Julia shines on stage. During the production of her first album Hush, Julia worked with the players who have become a part of her live sound — the sweet and simple vibe of drums, upright bass and acoustic guitar. Occasionally she invites back up singers to showcase her most guilty pleasure — the rich vocal harmonies that characterize her album Hush. While Julia playfully draws from a wide range of influences, she reveals a very confident and natural relationship between them. The resulting simplicity, directness and focus are announced lucidly in her title track Hush."

Ten of the album’s eleven tracks are Julia's compositions. Her words shed light on the desire to break free even as one longs for the safe haven of home. Her stories are intimate and deeply personal, but they are not tethered to any particular time or place, making them both enigmatic and universal.

With acoustic bass jazz veterans Jeff Eyrich and Zev Katz securing the bedrock, the instrumental personnel of Jon Rosen (piano, organ), George Mel (drums) and electric guitarists Michael Ross, Steve Cardenas, Mike Crehore and Jimmy Mulhollan (who assists on arrangements and contributes his own composition, Blue, to the collection), have a performance platform that is both stately and primal. The album actually glows with the soulful ensemble playing that rises from this team.

JULIA JOSEPHThere is a purpose to this approach. Julia is happiest when singing for others. Performance offers Julia the chance to draw the music, musicians and audience into a common place. "The kick I get out of performing is the challenge of converting space," she says. "My goal is to bring everyone into the same experience." Here, Julia has achieved her goal of capturing the essence of her performances. The musicians play with skill and taste, framing Julia's knack for vocal intimacy without grandstanding. Foremost is Julia herself, who styles her singing with a dedication to strike each song's sweet spot and make it radiate.

Needless to say, Julia doesn't need ornamentation or any fancy framing. Her magnetism comes from her soul and she will gladly serve it up to any who ask.

Julia's down to earth authenticity and confidence are so refreshing and accessible that fans can just sit back, relax and enjoy the delicious ride.

Tonight the ride was thrilling   !!!

Julia and Milton were assisted by Sami Bucella on bass, Michele Zayla on vVocals and Martin Kearton on guitar and mandoline

Praises by others for her performances:

  • "Julia Joseph's...songs are lyrical and fresh, her melodies diverse and memorable; they provide the perfect showcase for her beautifully cut, multi-faceted, 5 carat diamond voice. It's been many years since I've been this impressed by a new talent."
        — Karen Finkenberg, - The Eclectic Cafe

  • "It was a little early in the night for 18 year old Single Malt Scotch — but that was the alcohol equivalent feeling of warmth, depth and complexity I was getting from her singing. Her voice is always the bomb."
        — Paul Heck, - Producer Red Hot Records

  • "It was a little early in the night for 18 year old Single Malt Scotch — but that was the alcohol equivalent feeling of warmth, depth and complexity I was getting from her singing. Her voice is always the bomb."
        — Paul Heck, - Producer Red Hot Records

  • "In a world of too much talent, you will be blown away by Julia Joseph. The first time I heard her sing, I simply could not believe the richness and maturity of her voice and the sophistication of her delivery. It contains traces of her heros – Nina Simone, Phoebe Snow, Janis Joplin – but it's more than that. Julia was born with a musical gift beyond the scope of what most of us will ever develop. Not just a kick-ass voice, but deep musicality with a sense of joy and beauty. The fact that she remains undiscovered is truly mind blowing. It's obviously just a matter of time."
        — Tylan Greenstein, - Girlyman

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Pitch and rhythm to carry the day


"... The one-named folksinger knows what he's doing ! ..."

MILTONMilton, the modern-day troubadour with the distinctive voice and one-name moniker, is the leader of a lively, rootsy collective known for their soul-stirring live shows. Meet Milton and you will meet a tall, bookish optimist who will tell you about the “heavy” new group that he heard in a club last night and the old folk recording he listened to this morning with equal enthusiasm. The folksinger has developed a grassroots following for the warmth and spontaneity of his live shows, with a playlist that includes traditional folk, blues and country songs with old time harmonies. Earning comparisons to many of his heroes—Van Morrison, Nick Lowe, The Band—singer-songwriter Milton has distinguished himself with his unique voice and lyrics, a compelling mix of grit and grammar.

Listen to music on his website     MILTON CD

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  Opening tonight were our featured open mike performers:

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  • Christie Baker
  • Bob Mist
  • John Taylor
  • Jesse Oelbaum
  • Rick Cashman / Catherine D'Angelo
  • Larry Lewitt
  • Flint Stone
  • Rough Folk
  • Susan Cohen
  • Andy Romanoff
  • ...and Paul Helou

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