Huntington Folk Festival

12-6 p.m. Unplugged showcases and song swaps near two tents on the lawn near the Chapin Rainbow Stage (hosted by and Radio Nowhere) Performers include:
Clint Alphin
Alexis von Aulock
Emily Barnes
Tucker Bickell
Bill Buttner
Peter Calo
Chris J. Connolly
Greg Cornell
Vincent Cross
Karen Dahlstrom
Marci Geller
Cosby Gibson & Tom Staudle
He-Bird, She-Bird
Gina Holsopple
Josh Joffen
Susan Kane
Judy Kass
Colleen Kattau
Rorie Kelly
Ray Lambiase
Mara Levine
Lori Llyn
Annie Mark
Stuart Markus
Lois Morton
Emily Mure
Nico Padden
Steven Pelland
Katherine Rondeau
John Sonntag
Hank Stone
Christine Sweeney
Sweet Little Bloodhound
Toby Tobias
The Whispering Tree

6-8 p.m. Dinner Break

8:00 p.m. NERFA Presents Young Folk: Alice Howe and Mike Tedesco — on the Chapin Rainbow Stage

8:30 p.m. Generations: Sarah Lee Guthrie and The Mammals (featuring Mike & Ruthy) — on the Chapin Rainbow Stage